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Jul 4, 22

Tucson, AZ: Banner Drop Against Attacks on Reproductive Freedom and Autonomy

Report on banner drop against attacks on reproductive freedom in so-called Tucson, Arizona.

Banning abortions won’t stop abortions. It will drive them underground and make them unsafe. And if abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.

City legislature members rarely get called out, name by name. We often focus on higher-up government. And don’t get us wrong, fuck the Supreme Court. They started this. But now that they decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, which protects every person with a uterus and their reproductive rights, it has turned into a state-by-state option to perpetrate a war on femme bodies, and to what degree.

There are real people in every state making these decisions for us and our bodies. CALL THEM OUT BY NAME. Send them mail, protest outside their homes, drop a banner, make your voice impact their lives that far too often are not affected by these choices they make for us! They deserve to see the anger and effects their decisions have on everyone. We are the majority!

We’re starting with our local house and senate members, governor, and courts, in Tucson, Arizona.

Governor Doug Ducey,
John M Fillmore,
Mitzi Epstein,
Jennifer Jermaine,
Jacqueline Parker,
Kevin Payne,
Beverly Pingerelli,
Judy Schwiebert,
Jennifer Pawlick,
Shawnna Bolick,
Sean Bowie,
Paul Boyer,
Rick Gray,
JD Mesnard,
Kelly Townsend,
& the courts!

Please, make the right choice.

-born to raise hell

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