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Mar 15, 17

Turning Point USA Enlists Milo’s Alt-Right Understudy

Turning Point USA, the malformed brain child of neoliberal bootlicker Charlie Kirk, have publicly declared that the organization has no ties to the Alt-Right. This has been refuted more than once; including Kirk’s involvement with both Breitbart and the Trump campaign, he has also provided a platform for Reddit darlings like Milo Yiannopoulos on multiple college campuses. Now that Milo has lost his marketability, TPUSA has supplanted him with an equally repulsive understudy; Ivan Throne, of “Dark Triad” fame. He will be speaking at TPU’s regional conference in Denver.

Ivan is a psychopath; this means, generally speaking, psychologists and philosophers agree that he is incapable of being held morally responsible for the detrimental effects of his actions. He has explained it as being “emotionally deaf” — he doesn’t experience empathy. However, this makes him a uniquely valuable tool for the directors of TPUSA; Ivan’s cold, detached calculation can validate the worst behaviors of those who choose to suppress their empathy as part of a political ideology. And just as one person’s blindness doesn’t erase the existence of color to the sighted, Ivan’s inability to value the human consequences of his behavior doesn’t justify or neutralize the pain of the emboldened oppression it causes. Turning Point is to blame for knowingly contributing to that oppression.

If TPUSA is not affiliated with the alt-right, and doesn’t support hate speech, they could have fooled us. Let’s tick off the boxes for Ivan:


Ivan has expressed concerns over his personal safety while visiting the Grand Hyatt, apparently convinced of an Antifa plot to physically attack him. Unsurprisingly, he had no such pearl-clutching reaction to violence when he was employing thinly-veiled death threats against the protesters at Milo’s CU Boulder visit. Ivan has no real anxieties about this matter; just like at CU Boulder, he’ll be nowhere near the Antifa frontline. He’ll be preening in safety behind the riot cops.

Throne gained his online reputation pushing the ideology of the “dark triad,” a mixture of narcissistic, sociopathic behaviors that Red Pill types believe are the ultimate secret to financial success, public recognition, and of course, sexual conquest. As part of this exaltation of psychopathic symptoms, he tries to typify the “warrior cult” persona that so many MRAs, Gaters, Freepers, and other “dark enlightenment” poseurs use as a substitute for a backbone and a personality. It is the cornerstone of toxic masculinity to equate physical conflict and psychological manipulation to legitimate male identity, while downplaying the value of sympathy and cooperation.

But Ivan takes it an extra step, proposing a laughable, Bushido-esque lifestyle:

“Gold and glory don’t care if you publicly bedded a stunning blonde and left her sticky and exhausted and sore in front of a crowd. Gold and glory are not about image or publicity or fashionable displays. Gold and glory are about death, power and the dark world.” ~ 3 Steps to Gladiator Power

“Your entire life is preparation for any fight for survival. Do not leave that survival to chance… There are no referees in your fight for survival… You must accept without outrage or indignation that another man plans to take your life and destroy your existence. There cannot be hope of pity or expectation of gentleness or wish for his forbearance. You must accept the dark world as it is.” ~ How to Fight Like a Psychopath

“As long as your adversary breathes he is capable of rising and ensuring your death. When killing, certainty is demanded of you in the pursuit of your own survival. Do not guess.”

This is the heart and soul of the buffoonish “dark triad” rubric. It’s a delusional view of one’s self as a masculine, warlike hero in a world of helpless thralls. It’s a storybook journey through a gritty movie universe of harsh amorality, where only the strong survive — a schoolboy’s daydream taken to a revolting conclusion. With this Social Darwinist, knockoff Patrick Bateman identity comes one of the foundational fascist tenets: the equating of compassion with weakness, and weakness with unworthiness of inclusion in the national identity. Umberto Eco categorized this as a fundamental column of the fascist power structure:

For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle. Thus pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. It is bad because life is permanent warfare… In fact, the Leader, knowing that his power was not delegated to him democratically but was conquered by force, also knows that his force is based upon the weakness of the masses; they are so weak as to need and deserve a ruler. Since the group is hierarchically organized (according to a military model), every subordinate leader despises his own underlings, and each of them despises his inferiors. This reinforces the sense of mass elitism.”

And this delusion of conquest, of course, brings us right back to Trump’s popularity in the alt-right. He’s their “strong man” leader, despite being a paunchy septuagenarian. He “tells it like it is” and stands up to political correctness, by lying endlessly and shrinking from conflict immediately. He’s a successful, ruthless businessman who’s bankrupted four casinos and couldn’t follow through with his promise to remain totally self-funded. In short, he’s an overgrown child masking his insecurity through name calling and generic misogyny– a model student of the manosphere if ever there was one.


Like the rest of the alt-right, Ivan possesses an endless wellspring of hatred, condescension, and insecurity surrounding women. Unlike MRM and Red Pill devotees, he is usually careful to fine-tune the tone of his written pieces so as to maintain a smidgen of plausible deniability. But his writing quickly wears this veneer thin whenever he speaks on the subject of women and sex:

“The principle of hypergamy often drives, to the dissolution of the female, an unattractive carousel process of bedding male after male while in her attractive young adulthood and her sexual glow is at its prime. This does wonders for her self-esteem and sexual experience but detracts from her market worth and severely degrades the calculation of her wife value.” ~ 10 Ways to Calculate Her Wife Value

“Committed feminists are nearly universally unhappy, bitter and complaining whiners who refuse to accept the reality of the dark world and insist on subservient behavioral and intellectual conformity with their silly and obnoxious ideology.” ~ 10 Ways to Calculate Her Wife Value

“Bit by bit, the damaged and deranged woman will assuage her abandonment fears by insidiously infecting your life and your time with her control.” ~ 3 Red Flags of the Damaged Woman

For those not in the know, “hypergamy” is a term the MRM adopted to shame women for having “too much sex,” a statement which bases itself off of an arbitrary male threshold of tolerance for how sexually active a woman should be.

Notice the stale, telltale pattern of patriarchal thinking: women are to be valued based on their usefulness and acceptability in a man’s eyes, and held to a lower standard because of a presumed inferiority. This is the point of unification between Ivan and the rest of the alt-right, an agreement around male supremacy based on the misguided belief that males of the species are meant to be dominant, and that a “feminization” of modern men is bringing about the destruction of civilization. Nevermind that genuine human evolution improved our adaptability by moving away from this unnecessary gender dichotomy which is more pronounced in our less-evolved sister species.

The natural, intrinsic counterpart of male fanaticism is female repression; it’s as simple as that. To keep one elevated, the other must be devalued. This belief has been demonstrated by every significant figure in the alt-right, including Milo’s derogatory remarks towards women, trans identity, and feminism:

“Everyone knows that becoming a feminist makes a woman less marriageable, more crass and generally just unpleasant to be around. But does it also make them uglier?… This may explain why so many angry, lesbianic placard-wavers look like they’ve been hit by a bus.”

“Men on the other hand dominate high paying STEM majors like Electrical Engineering.  Women are free to study engineering, and often make fine engineers. But why on earth would feminism feel the need to shoehorn women into studying a subject they don’t want to?”

“Feminism is like the Netherlands: it owes its existence to a network of dykes fighting the forces of nature.”

This rhetoric has caused real damage over time; Ivan’s own suspicion that every woman is, at heart, a conniving succubus is echoed in the manifesto of Elliot Rodger.

TPUSA is, unquestionably, taking part in a continuation of the behaviors exhibited during Gamergate and the surge of Reddit-based male supremacist movements during 2014. Before the alt-right gained legitimacy in mainstream politics, they were propped up by the hatemongering and abusive tactics deployed against critics of pop culture’s rampant disregard for the female, the non-cishet, and the non-white. This component of the alt-right was, and remains, a reactionary movement dedicated to preserving a dominant gender by intimidating the opposition, nothing more or less than a contemporary rebirth of the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

Turning Point will furnish as evidence of their gender-neutrality their Women’s Leadership event, and their numerous female members. This omits the fact that as adherents of Donald Trump, they support the agenda of an admitted sexual predator and open misogynist, irrespective of the gender of this or that supporter specifically — that’s to say nothing of their ties to Milo, or to Steve Bannon, who once said that leftist women only oppose female conservatives because they are “a bunch of dykes that came from the Seven Sisters schools.” Tokenism is not a satisfactory defense against such deafening inhumanity.


As part of his worship of Trump – to whom Ivan insipidly refers as the “God Emperor” – Throne is equal parts jingoist and capitalist, forming that rich soil of nationalistic chauvinism and neoliberalism from which fascism inevitably sprouts:

“$54 billion is expensive. It is far less expensive than no longer being the dominant military hyperpower in the new age.” ~ Responding to a question on 45’s budget adjustments

“The leftist bastions across the nation are reeling with shock and fear at the overwhelming victory of Trump at the polls on Tuesday. It is a phenomenal outcome, well predicted by those who face reality unblinded – and the source of savage opportunity for men of the West to both push forward the advance of civilization, and their own natural ferocity.” ~ Your Future Under the God Emperor

“In Trump’s popular rise to ultimate power we see the lessons of his ferocious talent and a secure future for an American nation faced with the fall of Western civilization into a pit of multicultural collapse.” ~ Donald Trump the Dark Triad Man

This nationalistic, ego-driven mentality is mirrored by TPUSA’s patriotic zealotry, heightening American society to an Olympian ideal of self-sufficiency, militaristic dominance, embodiment of justice, and entitlement based on superiority. But their claim that this country is “the best in the world” is not just a childish tautology, it’s also visibly untrue.

Remember, the Western culture that alt-right goons and Trump disciples fetishize is demonstrably NOT a culture of prosperity or valor. “Real America” is a place where the military budget can be increased obscenely at the expense of HUD and SNAP, where high infant mortality, poisoned water supplies, police state violence, childhood homelessness, and mass incarceration are routine. America supplies itself not through “self-sufficiency,” but by robbing weaker countries of resource and autonomy. It is a nation which allows a codified privilege of the white, heterosexual male to reign supreme. Those in power — just as in the days of race, gender, and property restrictions for voters — have access to a code of law which overwhelmingly benefits them, and thereby enables them to mold those very same laws to their personal gain. This is not the failing of the system, but its very function; to extract resource from the many, at whatever cost, for the benefit of the few. Donald Trump is the most openly corrupt politician in recent years, certainly, but that openness is his only truly unique trait. American presidents have variously been murderers, white supremacists, war criminals, and outright crooks.

This is not a culture to be applauded. It is an appalling slaughter, one which robs life from the innocent, robs time from the sick and the imprisoned, and has contributed to misery on every continent for the benefit of a scant few aristocrats. This is based largely on two recurring dynamics in human civilization; white male privilege, and fascism born from global neoliberalism. Both are dear to the alt-right, and Ivan is no exception.


What lies at the core of TPUSA, Ivan Throne’s fame, and the assorted organs of the alt-right, is a fundamental lack of awareness. It is from this aquifer of willful ignorance and arrogance that Western chauvinism is dredged:

“Be a man of the West and stand hard and proud in defense of your civilization against the invader, the murderer, the degrading monster of appeasement…” ~ Men of the West

“It is the responsibility of every man of the Western world to stand and take personal responsibility for the preservation of his family, his community, his country, his culture, and his very civilization itself.” ~ Uncuck Your Bloody Country

“Men are masters of their own fate. Most human beings are common. To rise above this strata you must deserve such rise.” ~ Quora question

Yet again, Ivan is a useful prism of alt-right dogma: he believes that certain folk are unworthy of success because they are “common,” and lack the willpower to succeed. Similarly, Charlie Kirk scowls at any effort or legal measure which protects, elevates, or relieves the poor because he erroneously considers them to be the authors of their own poverty. These beliefs are founded on personal experience; neither of these men has experienced a lack of status or means, so they assume their “success” must be due to their own greatness.

Ivan believes males are superior, because he lives in a culture which punishes women for pursuing leadership, and makes him see patriarchy as natural, reasonable, and beneficial — all untrue, but psychologically satisfying to him. This is the behavior we call “bigotry;” a pleasurable, gratifying, deliberate ignorance of material reality. Charlie Kirk, for his part, believes in the “American Dream.” He claims his organization is advancing meritocracy, not realizing that using outside funds to influence college elections negates that very belief, and actually demonstrates the inherently unjust and coercive nature of capitalism.

Ivan, like Charlie, applauds nationalistic, hypermilitaristic tendencies throughout history, because he has never confronted their ill effects, and never will. It’s no wonder his orations are so emptily grandiose and hyperbolic; without recognizing (or acknowledging) oppression, a legitimate and useful analysis of America is impossible. The image of the “conquering empire” becomes a romantic ideal, rather than a daily-administered cudgel in the hands of a self-appointed aristocracy, with which the elite have extinguished countless lives in the name of preserving their own artificial superiority. But willfully ignoring or flippantly justifying these imperialistic trends is mentally pleasing, and allows a person to consider themselves part of a grand tradition of idealistic civilization — ironically, seeking validation through a conforming identity, the antithesis of the “lone wolf” ideal that Ivan and his fans drool over.

This destructive behavior exceeds by leagues and miles the singular voices of the alt-right. It informs the mentality of Steve Bannon, of ICE and DHS agents, of the NSA and the military and the police. The battle against this ongoing territorial occupation called “America” goes far beyond lone individuals.


Ivan Throne, like Milo, is a sloppily-painted mockery of an intellectual. His hollow writing combines the forced edginess of our cringe-inducing high school days with a knack for hocking commodified anti-PC pornography to Red Pill dopes. He’ll wave around his bestseller as proof of his genius, forgetting he shares that honor with the Twilight Saga, The Secret, 50 Shades, and the Da Vinci Code — all highly marketable, self-indulgent, pseudo-spiritual masturbatory aids for the paranoid, the immature, or the terminally affectatious.

If not for their milking of the anxieties of wannabe “dark” intelligentsia, and their preexisting societal exemption from consequences for such bigoted posturing, Milo and Ivan would be fetching coffee for the bosses in an unpaid San Fransisco tech intership. They are neither worthwhile authors, nor meaningful political figures, nor lofty philosophers. They prey financially upon that toxic pairing of boyish insecurity masked by juvenile malice which calls itself the Men’s Rights Movement. It’s the easiest racket since the diet pill pyramid.

Ivan Throne is, in the grand scheme, inconsequential as a individual, just like his predecessor. But the problem for we antifascists is that the recent spike in hate crimes, the undisguised manipulation of public narrative, the despotic behavior of the elite, and this newfound exuberance for misogyny, transphobia, and white supremacist terrorism are inflicting real harm, on real people, who aren’t being protected by their “elected” officials. A maggot among maggots is individually impotent and craven — nobody will ever sing the victory hymns of Paul Elam, Richard Spencer, or Davis Aurini, either. But like the rest of the alt-right menagerie, Ivan’s rhetoric can, and does, contribute to the rising tide of fascism in America.

Some of the white supremacist and Alt-Right accounts that Ivan follows on twitter

It is utter fantasy that Ivan considers himself a potential target for assassination; he’s not a Cuban diplomat, he’s Jordan Owen in a tuxedo. What matters to Denver’s antifascists is having a self-governing community where the immigrant and refugee are protected, where Muslims and Jews are not terrorized by racists, where the trans and asexual identity are included in commonplace sexual education, where women and men are equal on paper and off, and where The People are empowered by their shared sense of humanity, a bulwark against their common oppressors. That is why we fight. 

We root our struggles in material circumstances, not egotistical visions of a make-believe world. We deal in the realities of American imperialism and colonialism. That is why we do not “debate” fascists; the have no debatable positions. Their paranoia and prejudice are rooted in self-delusion, and to debate the question, “should the black population be eliminated” or “should women be allowed to vote” would suppose that the question has merit enough to deserve debate at all. Fascism is only ended through swift, exponential action by the laboring class, not though cowering centrism and polite discussion with blackshirts. It must be repeatedly demonstrated that TPUSA’s membership and allies are NOT excused from the consequences of proudly declaring one’s opposition to basic human rights, irrespective of their “free speech” bullshitting.

Denver is not for the taking. Charlie Kirk continues to deny his connection to the alt-right, but also continues to supply a platform for their dreggish figureheads, and extend thereby the influence of his avaricious mentors. So long as TPUSA invites alt-right personalities to spread ignorance and destruction in our city, we will be fighting them not because they are uniquely threatening, but because the bramble of imperialism must be hacked apart in order of the closest branches. It’s their own fault that happens to be them.

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