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Oct 26, 23

Two New Zines: Interviews with Israeli and Palestinian Anarchists

Announcing two new zines featuring interviews with Isreali and Palestinian anarchists on the unfolding crisis in Palestine.

The zines below were created from two recent interviews, one by the 161 Crew, which spoke to an Israeli anarchist, and the other by Black Rose / Rosa Negra, which talked to Fauda, a small group of Palestinian anarchists. Thanks goes out to Chava and the Jewish Zine Archive for so beautifully and quickly laying out “We Can’t Afford to Remain Silent,” and an unnamed but greatly appreciated Jewish anarchist friend for doing the same with the “Voices from the Front Line against the Occupation” zine, using art on the cover by Zola, @zolamtl. (Zola’s art, along with numerous other freely available images, is available at Just Seeds.) Both zines can be freely and widely shared/Distro’ Ed—not for profit, but for solidarity. Links to the original interviews are included here too.

We Can’t Afford to Remain Silent: Interview with an Israeli Anarchist

“The situation in Gaza Strip is getting more catastrophic every day. In our attempt to better understand the situation in the region, we did an interview with an Israeli anarchist. We talked with them about the modern anarchist movement, Israeli occupation of Palestine, resistance against it, and prospects for the future.”

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Voices from the Front Line against the Occupation: Interview with Palestinian Anarchists

“Black Rose / Rosa Negra (BRRN) reached out to Fauda, a small group centered in the West Bank that identifies itself as a Palestinian anarchist organization, to get its perspective on the current struggle. Fauda is a group that is new to us, and which we don’t have more information about beyond the interview presented here and what can be found in their public channels. Other than edits for clarity across translation, the content of this interview is presented unaltered. We want to thank our Palestinian and Arabic-speaking friends for their help with conducting and translating this interview. We also want to extend our gratitude to the representative of Fauda members, thoughtfully engaged with our questions during a moment of extreme uncertainty and violence.”

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