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Oct 18, 23

Updates and Schedule for the 1st Annual Sacramento Anarchist Bookfair

Announcing updates and schedule for the upcoming Sacramento Anarchist Bookfair on November 5th.

The 1st annual Sacramento Anarchist Bookfair and Rock Against Racism benefit show is coming up on Sunday, November 5th, 10 AM. Currently, there are around 35-40 tablers confirmed, with several planned workshops and panels. The bookfair event will end around 6pm. At this time, a Rock Against Racism benefit show will begin at the Big Sexy Brewing Company (5861 88th St), also located in Sacramento, about 5 miles east of the bookfair space. We encourage you to attend both events!


Most of the bookfair will take place outside, including the tabling and the workshops and panels. Masking in all bookfair spaces is mandatory, both inside and outside. There will be space inside to get food/drinks and use the bathroom, and masks, hand sanitizer, and air purifiers will be on hand in these areas. We’ve gotten a lot of requests from people to be masked to ensure that everyone can attend the event, so please respect those requesting masking.

The benefit show is happening at a brewing company, with the musical portion happening outside. We encourage people to mask, but aren’t in control over the venue, so please be aware of this if you choose to attend the show.


Block #1 10:30 – 12 PM

Parking Lot:

Autonomous Communications for Radicals: This workshop/presentation will cover the basics of “autonomous communications” aka long range communications without internet or cell service. Topics will include ham radio, CB radio, mesh networks, radio scanners and FM pirate radio. No experience needed but there will be a chance to get hands on with some gear and ask questions!

Lunch! 12 PM – 1 PM

Radical poetry reading featuring some queer, hater, anarchist poets from the bay and beyond.

Block #2 1 – 1:55 PM

Backyard Area:

Decarcerate Sacramento Panel: A discussion on abolitionist organizing from Decarcerate Sacramento, a local group working to prevent jail expansions, decrease jail populations, NS shift funds away from policing AND incarceration towards community-based systems of care that promote community safety and health.

Parking Lot:

Education and Implementing Youth Liberation: Focused especially on education (drawing on my experiences as a teacher) and ways to implement youth liberation/anti-adultism practices in daily life regardless of background.

Block #3 2 – 2:55 PM

Backyard Area:

Building Solidarity and Support with Asylum Seekers in Sacramento: NorCal Resist reports on their work building solidarity and material support with asylum seekers flown into Sacramento by racist politicians scapegoating migrants. They discuss mutual aid work and supporting those targeted by the State.

Block #4 3 – 4:20 PM

Backyard Area:

Panel on Peer Support, Mad Liberation and Abolition: A panel discussion on the movement for mad liberation. Due to the recent co-optation of peer support by the state, involvement and training of people with lived experience of madness rarely includes and often ignores situating the movement in history. We will an overview the evolution of mad organizing throughout time internationally, ways peer support can create alternatives to the mental health system, and how our work fits in within broader struggles for decarceration and abolition. While emphasizing the role of grassroots movement, we will also discuss the current moment in peer support models and the role of white supremacy, oppression, and the nonprofit industrial complex in the mental health system and our movements.

Block #5 4:30 – 6 PM

Backyard Area:

Panel Discussion on the Struggle to Stop Cop City, Climate Change, and Beyond: Join us for a panel discussion featuring representatives from the CrimethInc. collective, author Joshua Clover, and the Stop Cop Campus campaign in the bay area. Panel will discuss the growing movement against Cop City and save the Weelaunee forest, the upcoming mass mobilization in November in Atlanta, and how this movement informs the struggles to come under climate change. The panel will also feature a presentation on the fight against the “Cop Campus” in the bay area.

Parking Lot:

Creative Healing and Decolonizing Mental Health: Learn methods of utilizing spirituality, cultural healing, CBT and DBT to explore healing from a holistic, revolutionary stance while challenging the oppressive nature of western mental health approaches.


We are excited that so many people, groups, organizations, projects, distros, and beyond will be joining us on November 5th.

If you are still interested in tabling the event, please email us at: [email protected]

Check out who is already coming:
1.) CrimethInc.
2.) PM Press
3.) AK Press
4.) Cops Off Campus
5.) Sacramento IWW/IWOC
6.) Civ Fucks Distro
7.) Black Rose Anarchist Federation
8.) Pink Knight Press
9.) Central Valley Guerilla Gardening
10.) Bay 161
11.) Manic Press
12.) Brown Recluse Distro
13.) Anti-State Communist Reading Group
14.) Homeward Art Zine
15.) No Bonzo
16.) Off the 99
17.) Zapatista School Zine Project
18.) Mara Gervais
19.) Seeds to Forest Defense
20.) True Leap Publishing
21.) Pushing Down the Walls
22.) Bay Area IWW
23.) Poison Oak Distro
24.) Brittle Bush Distro
25.) Exitos Gnosis
26.) AnarchoTranshumanism
27.) Satanic Anarchists
28.) Punks with Lunch
29.) NorCal Resist
30.) Harm Reduction Services
31.) Decarcerate Sacramento
32.) Mad Liberation
33.) Socialist Rifle Association – Sacramento
34.) Hammer Times
35.) Sacramento Food Not Bombs
36.) We’ll Think of Something Press



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