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Jan 10, 18

Urgent Notice Regarding Political Prisoner Miguel Peralta

The following is an update from Mexican anarchist political prisoner, Miguel Peralta. For more articles and background information, go here.

On Sunday, January 7th, while our compañero Miguel Peralta was at the door of his cell, he was assaulted by another inmate who beat and attempted to strangle him.  Defending himself against the aggression, Miguel managed to disengage the inmate.  At this point, the inmate who attacked Miguel began to scream, calling attention to the guards and accusing Miguel of having hit him.  Under this justification, and without attending to the reality of the situation, Miguel was put in a punishment cell where he spent the night.

On Monday the 8th, family members of Miguel were informed of what had happened.  They subsequently called the prison to check in on his condition.  However, the authorities didn’t want to give any information.  To the contrary, they said that “Miguel was fine, and that if he hadn’t communicated with anyone it is because he didn’t want to”.

At this point, we do not know in what condition our compañero is in since he has been incommunicado ever since.  Furthermore, he has been sick and we don’t know his current state of health.  It is worth mentioning that on other occasions they have punished Miguel “by mistake” according to the words of the past prison director, and harassment towards him and his visitors has been constant.

We demand the authorities of the Prison in Cuicatlán, the director, the chief of security and the guards to return Miguel to his cell and to respond to the aggression against him this past Sunday.  We also demand that the authorities allow communication with him, as well as the return to his everyday activities without more violence, threats and aggression against him.

Lastly, we hold the prison authorities responsible for the security and health of Miguel, as well as for whatever acts carried out against him.

Family Members and Friends of Miguel Peralta

Los Otros Abogadoz

January 9, 2018

Update from January 10

Update and Call for Solidarity for Political Prisoner Miguel Peralta

Call for solidarity!

It has been confirmed that our compañero Miguel continues to be held in a punishment cell.  His health has improved.  Since Monday he has solicited a hearing with the director of the prison, however he has not been granted that.  Neither has he been informed of the reason for his punishment, considering that he was defending himself against an aggression.

We thank all those who have been attentive to the situation of our compañero, and we call on those who can, to communicate with the prison in San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán.  We ask that you demand the director Silvestre Manuel Muñoz Hernández and the corresponding authorities to resolve Miguel’s situation and respond to the aggression this past Sunday.  We also demand that they return him to his cell so that he can carry out his regular everyday activities without more violence, threats and harassment against him or his visitors.

The phone number for the prison is 01 236 374 0313 (+52 must be put before the phone number if you are calling internationally).

Our compañero is not alone!

Down with the prison walls!

January 10th, 2018

Update from January 11

A few minutes ago, compañero Miguel Peralta shared that the disciplinary actions have been withdrawn after the Technical Council, which met on Wednesday night, forced him to sign a “reconciliation document”, which according to the criteria of the prison authorities said that Miguel did not have to defend himself from the attack. Now he is in general population. Health wise, he is ok although he feels a little weak as he stopped eating on Monday as a way of pressuring the prison. The prison medic attended to him, despite the fact that the authorities did not acknowledge his protest, much less their responsibility for Miguel’s security and well-being.

He is thankful for the solidarity of all those who were paying attention to his situation.

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