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Sep 24, 19

Vancouver, BC: Anarchist & Anti-Colonial Banner Drop and Call to Action for #ClimateStrike

Action report and call for anarchist intervention and involvement in the upcoming #ClimateStrike actions in so-called Vancouver, British Columbia.

In so-called Vancouver BC, climate strike is in the air — thousands are going to flood the streets to petition the State for change. As anarchists we must intervene and advance an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial critique of the climate strike’s trajectory. We must advance vision and action which threaten the capitalist economy that is literally killing us.

Today we dropped five banners over the number 1, the major commuter highway into and out of Vancouver. The banners read “Smash Capitalism,” “Climate Riot 2019,” “No Pipelines,” “Solidarity With Unist’ot’en Camp & Tiny House Warriors,” and “No Pipelines on Stolen Land.”

These statements were made with the intention of advancing and creating space for anti-capitalist, anti colonial and anti-State critique within the climate strike movement. They were also made in solidarity with front line Indigenous communities fighting for their sovereignty, and against pipeline development.

We are calling comrades in the Vancouver area to action this week, a group of us will be attending and leafleting various climate events throughout the week in black bloc. We hope to begin to normalize more defensive tactics in Vancouver’s largely white liberal activist circles, and advance anarchist perspective and practice by showing up in bloc and distributing leaflets. Join us, in black bloc throughout the week but most importantly this Friday at city hall, the more of us the safer we are. If you can bring literature to distribute! Lets create a visible anarchist presence and perspective in Vancouver’s climate strike.

-anarchist living in so-called Vancouver BC

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