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Feb 19, 19

Vaughn Defendants Fully Exonerated

Report from DC, where organizers celebrate the recent ruling exonerating the second group of Vaughn 17 defendants.

Today, BYP100 and other members of the Movement for Black Lives organized a powerful show of resistance to white supremacy and police brutality in downtown Washington DC.  During the action, activists received word that four incarcerated men had been exonerated of all charges following a rebellion in a high security Delaware Prison.

“This is the second uprising in James T. Vaughn Facility, said Fariha Huriya, a local organizer with the Peace House in northeast DC.  “We are shining light on the constant abuse towards inmates, including physical, sexual,  and mental abuse which were factors in this situation that began as a protest by prisoners.”

“We have heard from multiple prisoners that the Correction Officer’s regularly refuse to serve prisoners food, or refuse phone calls or even deny recreation,” said Betty Rothstein, a local organizer who has been traveling to Delaware to support the inmates.  “The prisoners are now part of our extended families, and we will continue pushing forward until all charges for all defendants are dropped.”

Tonight we want to invite journalists to an event called “Beyond Bars.” This will be a panel to give a platform to the Vaughn 17 defendants and with other liberation fighters, from Bomani Shakur on death row of the Lucasville uprising, Marzieh Hashemi a black Muslim political dissident, and supporters of Free Red Fawn and other indigenous activists at Standing Rock.

Tuesday, February 18th. The panel will be at William Penn House from 7 – 9 pm. The house is located at 515 East Capitol St. SE, Washington DC, 20003. More info here.

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