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Oct 31, 23

We Will Not Be Intimidated: Boise Mobilizes Against Neo-Nazis

Report back on community rapid response to neo-Nazi activity in so-called Boise, Idaho.

This is a brief note dedicated to those confused or concerned about the recent Patriot Front action that included the dropping of banners on I-84 overpasses. They do these things as propagandistic actions. They’re trying to give the impression of having a seat of power in Boise, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There’s a reason they only hit spots right off the highway between Meridian and the Bench. There’s a reason they avoided downtown. There’s a reason they didn’t stay long.

There are lots of reasons why these guys are moving in such an obviously quick and panicked way through the very outskirts of the city. They can be seen running for their lives (without ANY pursuit or even confrontation) at an RV dealership at the Broadway exit here.

This is a place where they are free to come as they please, but they look like they know that they are likely to find more problems than solutions. The uncoordinated scampering, jogging, and power-walking “bravely” (sarcastic) with a 1776 American flag, (Idaho joined the United States in 1890 as the 43rd state), tells so much about their ignorance and fear. These “Sons of Liberty” are fools and they are so lost.

This was a confused group of losers passing through and pretending to be lions. We, as a community, refuse their fascism, their message of hate, and their tactics of intimidation.

Multiple crews hit the street as soon as word began making rounds that Patriot Front was in town. Because of how quickly they came and went, and the remote and untrafficked locations they chose for posting up, by the time folks approached, the rats had scampered.

The community response for the situation was quick and precise. When a community defense activist spotted the banner being dropped on the Locust Grove overpass they reached out to antifascist partners who were able to respond immediately to remove that banner and confirm that other banners had been cleared. Other unknown individuals shared important info on social media, helping us track the group and ensure all their waste was quickly cleaned. Unfortunately, the one part of their action that was effective was getting away quickly. We were not able to get there quickly enough to confront them this time.

Several banners were claimed by several anti-hate crews. While they spent hundreds on canvas and gas for banners that stayed up just a few minutes, we used their banners to further the fight for a safe and free community. We took advantage and used the banner burning as an organizing event to discuss next steps in our community defense against a Nazi newly moved to the area. Additionally, the satanists destroyed theirs at an event that made over 600 dollars used to distribute morning after pills.

Boise will burn a light of love much brighter than these banners of hate. Patriot Front and any other Nazi scum are not welcome here.

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