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Oct 1, 15

Westboro Baptist Church Run Out of Town by High School Students in Missouri

From Revolution News

Today, the infamous hate mongers from the Westboro Baptist Church were run out of town by high school students and various activists when they tried to protest the election of Landon Patterson, a transgender student, as homecoming queen of Oak Park High School in Gladstone, MO.

High School students, Church groups, anarchists, antifacists, liberals, LGBTQIA+ activists, and more came together to send the Westboro Church and their message of hate back to Topeka Kansas – and to honor Landon Patterson. The Westboro Baptist Church didn’t even make it to the school.

At a street corner, activists swooped in on them, and a group of anarchists immediately held a banner in front of the WBC to block them. Other protesters swarmed in from behind, and everyone chased the four or five members of the WBC back to their van. The police, of course, protected the WBC the whole way.

If you’re from Kansas or Missouri you know, we have a habit of chasing or blocking these idiots when necessary, but this isn’t the first time this has happened to them this year. Back in April, we reported on a similar incident in Anaheim, where activists got together and chased Westbroro out in about ten minutes in similar fashion.

Today, we interviewed some student activists about the protest, how it came together, and what it meant to them.

The day was a total success for the counter protestors, and another major embarrassment for the already ridiculous Westboro Baptist Church.

Check out some photos from today below:



More photos can be found at Revolution News

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