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Mar 21, 19

#AllOut April 28th to Defend Bluff Park in Long Beach, CA

Call for mobilization against the far-Right and white nationalist group, the United Patriot National Front in Long Beach, CA on April 28th. Read the call in Spanish here.

First, the white nationalists and neo-Nazis attempted to take Sacramento and Anaheim, where they stabbed 10 anti-racist activists (seven in Sacramento and 3 in Anaheim). Still, they were shut down. Next they attempted to take Berkeley and Portland. Again, they failed.…

and now for the bad news. They are coming to Long Beach.

United Patriots National Front’s planned event.

On Sunday, April 28, 2019, Drake Nighswonger, the President of the United Patriot National Front, is calling for a “free speech” rally in Bluff Park in Long Beach, CA. The United Patriot National Front (UPNF) is a far-Right group that includes open white nationalists including people like Antonio Foreman, who attended the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville in 2017.


In January in Arizona, Foreman attempted to storm into a church while armed, after “[t]he federal government [had] asked the churches to help….immigrants, who are in the country legally, as they begin the long process toward asylum.” The group also includes Frank “LA Werewolf” Espinosa, who works on the anti-Semitic and racist podcast, Revenge of the Cis. 

Pages liked by UPNF leader include the Alt-Right and anti-Semitic podcast, Revenge of the Cis and white nationalist author and organizer, Augustus Invictus, who was set to speak at Unite the Right in Charlottesville and works with Richard Spencer closely on writing and podcast projects.

Despite having members that are open white nationalists, the group, like many on the Alt-Right, presents itself as a “Patriot” organization and attempts to insert itself within the larger pro-Trump movement.

Baked Alaska and Antonio Foreman described this strategy as one of using Patriot movement imagery to push people towards neo-Nazism and white nationalism, which many people on the Right they say, find “scary.”

“LA Werewolf.” Shown here with “skull mask,” popular among members of Atomwaffen Division and other violent,  and armed neo-Nazi groups.

Members of UPNF have rallied in the past in Southern California, most notably in San Diego against the continued existence of Chicano Park, and often wear protective gear to engage in street fighting. On April 28th, we can expect a violent group of white supremacists to descend on Bluff Park with the full intention of instigating trouble; either with counter-protesters, or anyone around them they deem to be an enemy.

Please come to Bluff Park on April 28th, at 10am to show our community’s disdain for white nationalism. Help defend Long Beach from those who want to bring their hate and bigotry to our culturally diverse community.

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