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Jun 19, 17

The Alt-Right Agrees: It’s Members Are Pizzagating Young Boys

Things don’t really seem to be going well for the Alt-Right.

The entire “united front” that Alt-Right leaders have been pushing for the past two months has more or less collapsed, as the Oath Keepers and militia types, the ones with the connections to local law enforcement, have become openly hostile to ‘the Nazis.’

Richard Spencer and Jack Posobiec – pastel douche shirts, who wore it better?

Despite this, the Alt-Right is still trying to make alliances with the much larger “Alt-Lite,” (you know, those people who rode the Alt-Right into the spotlight but reject most of what they believe), who they can’t seem to stand or stop talking shit about. Towards this end, on June 25th in DC and on August 12th in Charlottesville, Virginia, members of both the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite will come together to test the waters for another go at a united front.

The Alt-Right Mocks “Muh Free Speech” So They’re Organizing a Free Speech Rally

In regards to June 25th in Washington DC, Cassandra Fairbanks wrote:

An array of speakers will be taking the mic at the event, including Kyle Chapman (better known as Based Stick Man), Tim Treadstone (better known as Baked Alaska), Jack Posobiec, Augustus Invictus, Kyle Prescott, Jason Kessler, Irma Hinojosa, and James Allsup.

Since that article came out however, lines have been drawn, and Jack Posobiec has fallen out of favor with much of the far-Right and is now organizing his own event in Washington DC on the same day, “against political violence against the Right.” Expect perhaps dozens!

What while Posobiec is out, Richard Spencer now appears to be in:

Also appearing at the rally is Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, who for months has denied being or connected to white nationalists and Neo-Nazis and complained about racism within the far-Right (I hear it’s bad). Ironically enough, he’s now going to share the stage with some of the biggest names in neo-Nazism. But hey, maybe this will be good for his crowd-funding career, or maybe next month he’ll be gunning with NAMBLA?

Another raging idiot that calls anyone “fake news” who refers to him as a white nationalist or neo-Nazi is Baked Alaska, who is best known for his ability to fail: at rapping, at speaking, and writing for Buzzfeed. Seems ‘Baked’ really doesn’t give a shit anymore and whatever will pay the livestream bills he is happy to latch onto. What remains to be seen is if his friends in the Oath Keepers and more ‘mainstream’ Trump supporters will take kindly to him speaking alongside neo-Nazis and Alt-Right racists like Richard Spencer and Matthew Heimbach, but I’m not holding my breath.

Many of the same speakers taking the stage on June 25th will also be involved in a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th, which will unite neo-Nazis like Matthew Heimbach alongside dried up has-beens like Augustus Invictus, who made headlines recently for being accused of raping and beating his ex-girlfriend. Check out the police report here.

Posobiec Steals From Nazi to Make Shitty YouTube Film, Alt-Right Does Not Feel Good Man

While people like Richard Spencer were busy trying to build “Right Unity,” he was also taking to social media to attack both Cernovich and Jack Posobiec as fakes and liars, and make fun of Posobiec for interrupting a Shakespeare play that had a character that looked like Donald Trump. But the Posobiecolypse didn’t end there. 

Posobiec is also in further hot water for creating a shitty ass movie named Antifa: Exposed,  which isn’t even good in the way that Bannon’s movies were bad – it was just really dumb. To get to the point, it appears that the film was simply a rip off line by line from a Virginia member of the Alt-Right named Jason Kessler, who is also speaking at the Virginia rally on the 12th. Being that the film was hilariously shit to begin with, hardly saying anything beyond what you’d expect from a Breitbart headline, I can’t help by lol on all your houses.

Uh-oh, Shakespeare. Rush the stage snowflakes!

The Alt-Right Agrees: Some of It’s Members Are Forcing Young Men to Have Sex With Them

But this week also saw things within the Alt-Right heading into much darker territory. It started out with White House correspondent to the globalist elites Lucian Wintrich, (think Milo but I’m guessing that he probably writes his own articles), lead troll of The Gateway Pundit, who asked Richard Spencer, (cause they tight like that son!), over Twitter to respond to allegations that he was forcing young men to…ah…shall I say, “work his cotton farm.”

Accusations like this are nothing new, and Spencer was quick to respond with screenshots of his own of the two texting like sad sad bro bears:

But Spencer then shifted the focus on his Twitter towards former pal Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents, a publishing house for ‘fashy goys’ who’s level of design is a step above Microsoft Paint. Things have been tense in Nazi land between Spencer and Johnson for some time now, with the two writing long screeds against each other. Spencer’s camp accuses Johnson of giving information to antifa and also stealing money. Slog through the bullshit here.

In a series of tweets, Spencer then goes on to accuse Johnson of being “queer:”

But our trip into the world of the Fellac-Right is just beginning. In the words of Samuel L in Jurassic Park, “Hold onto your butts.”

Matt Forney – would not bang.

To further muddy the waters, Matt Forney, a disgusting troll that moved from Men’s Rights Activist to white nationalist under the arm of non-white “pick up artist” and rapist, Roosh V, (it’s almost like these things don’t matter and they make them up, right?!), dropped an even bigger bomb when he wrote on Facebook a series of accusations against The Right Stuff (TRS) neo-Nazi podcast network. While the comments have since been deleted, he uses the controversy around Johnson as a starting point and then explodes; the implications of which touch (no pun intended) all the current leaders of the Alt-Right and neo-Nazi scene:

In case you missed out, one of the key people they are talking about here is Ghoul, a person that was doxxed on IGD and then offered to give up information on his friends in exchange to have his information removed. Most notably in Forney’s tirade, is the accusation that Ghoul is a sexual predator and uses regular “pool party,” (nothing creepy about that in the current context), meetups in order to pressure underage boys into sex.

He then states that leaders of TRS know about what is happening and do nothing. Forney then goes on to draw a line in the sand within the Alt-Right between TRS (which is connected to a huge part of the Alt-Right) and the rest of the movement. Can you smell the tradition? 

So much for faith, family, and folk!

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