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Jul 11, 16

Answering the Call: Berkeley Action in Solidarity with Sacramento

Submitted to It’s Going Down

On Sunday night, July 10th, a group of anti-fascists and anti-racists in Berkeley, CA put up a variety of antifa graffiti in solidarity with those affected by the action in Sacramento on June 26th. The Euro-centric white supremacist group “Identity Evropa” has attempted to maintain a street presence by putting up posters in the Bay Area and sending them out to cities across the country. Oh hell no, not on our watch! In Berkeley and San Francisco, vigilant anti-fascists patrol for and remove all traces of this garbage while also increasing our own street presence by covering the same areas and much more.

We cannot allow some rich yuppie brats to continue these efforts in recruiting youth and others to manifest their visions of white supremacy and domination over people of color, indigenous people, queer/trans people, and women. From Berkeley to Sacramento, from Oakland to Oaxaca, from Ferguson to Baton Rouge, from Baltimore to Istanbul… We are one family defending our future and the time for taking action is now! Much love and solidarity to our comrades in Sacramento for their tireless work in combating white supremacy in our streets, from the front lines to deep behind the scenes.

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