Berkeley, CA: Antifa Patrol Turns Up Zero Alt-Right Posters


Thanks to antifascist research and intelligence shared on IGD, we anticipated a poster campaign at UC Berkeley from local racists and misogynists to start the night of January 21. Despite the very light rain, crews of antifascists planned to be out patrolling the campus to watch for anyone putting up alt-right flyers and take anything down if we happened to come across it.

We went out for a few hours checking buildings that house particular departments intended as targets such as Gender and Women’s studies. Other areas of interest that we were sure to check were popular flyering areas on campus as well as other sites where we had previously found alt-right propaganda.

By the end of the night we ending up finding zero Pepe trolls. Monday morning chats on the far-right discord server coordinating this action suggest local fash were discouraged by the “pouring rain,” though to be honest it wasn’t raining very much and this seems like a poor excuse.

Along the way, we were able to put several anti-fascist stickers up on campus and the surrounding area. So in the end, what was to be a 4chan propaganda night ended up becoming yet another opportunity to make it known that Berkeley is an antifa zone!

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