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Oct 13, 16

Fernando Bárcenas: “Self-Determination is our Goal”

Translated and Submitted to It’s Going Down

Dear Compañerxs,

I would like to salute you all in these difficult times of war. We already know that the powerful cannot solve the problems that are suffocating us, because they are the foundation that reproduces these problems, after which they sell us the so-called solution.

This is why this hunger strike does not contain any demands to the powerful, because it is an end in itself; self-determination is our goal, as well as openly inciting everyday acts of revolt without dates or a specific schedule.

It is of course unfortunate, that many comrades fail to understand the concrete intention to recuperate our lives, here and now.

There are no petitions to the powerful but a call and scream of struggle to the disinherited of the world, to the children of war, to understand and propagate the contradictions of capital and revolutionary solidarity by means of insurrectionary practice everywhere.

With all my love and rage,

Toward to the permanent insurrection!


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