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Oct 5, 16

Letter of Luis Fernando Sotelo, Political Prisoner: “I’m Assuming an Indefinite Hunger Strike”

Submitted to It’s Going Down
Translated from Komanilel

September 29, 2016

Firstly. I salute the compañerxs of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and the compañerxs of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). I greatly appreciate your demonstrations aimed at this giant hug we call solidarity. For you, I have respect. Thank you for your word.

Secondly. I invite you to reorganize the forces, as a means to continue the visibilization of the rebellions and resistances against the system of domination and against the contemporary state of affairs.

Secondly (second point). I publically declare that since September 28 of this year, I have assumed an indefinite hunger strike. The motives for this are to recover myself and my sense of life.

– A salute to the strikes and protests on part of the prisoners of the United States

– A hug to the revolts in response to the police brutality against the black communities

– A salute to the struggle and also the strikes carried out from the Reclusorio Norte by Abraham Cortés Ávila and Fernando Barcenas, the hunger strike of Jessie Montaño and the struggle and fast of Miguel Peralta Betanzos in the state of Oaxaca.


Thirdly. I reaffirm adherence to the ethical principles of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

Because of all this I want to share: Against the systemization of terror, and furthermore, the criminalization of my life, I do not have fear. I maintain my comradery with the Sixth. I send my salute also to the work of the network against repression and for solidarity.

Never more a Mexico without us!

For all of the liberties—of below and to the left!

The rage will be the same that supplies the wind and that initiates the storm!

Hugs, with love to Fernando Sotelo Zambrano

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