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Nov 9, 23

Palestine Will Be Free: New Zine and Poster for Distribution

With mass actions, protests, and marches being organized this weekend, we present a new zine and poster to distribute at upcoming events. Check out more zines on the current situation in Palestine featuring interviews with Israeli and Palestinian anarchists here, a new poster from CrimethInc. here, and Indigenous Action Media here.

From the zine and poster:

As Israeli tanks close in around the open-air prison that is Gaza, much of the world has refused to accept the impending genocide. Solidarity marches have been massive and inspiring, as radicals, freedom fighters, and members of the Arab and Jewish diasporas alike have come together to once again scream, NEVER AGAIN.

But to what extent are large peace marches likely to affect the outcome? Are these permitted parades actually materially aiding the Palestinian resistance, and/or impeding the US-Israel war machine? Or are they a merely performative act of speaking “truth to power?” The Iraq War was also met with massive, worldwide protests, with virtually zero effect. How can we do this differently?

We are confronting a huge system of wealth, and power, in which both the media and the entire US state apparatus is fully committed to funding Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Politicians and war profiteers are fully aware their policies are unpopular, and have been given little reason to care.

What does it look like to actually disrupt the war machine at home? What would it look like to connect the struggle for a free Palestine with our own struggles for liberation here? The following are some examples of inspiring direct action that have occurred in the last two weeks. The people who did these things are not paid professional activists or experts. Anyone can throw a wrench in the gears of empire.

Download and Print Zine PDF

Download and Print Poster PDF

Image by hosny salah from Pixabay

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