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Nov 4, 16

Anti-Racists Expose National Socialist Movement Leader in Rome, Georgia

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On Saturday, November 5, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) will rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Harrisburg rally will also launch the “Nationalist Front” – a rebranded version of the Aryan Nationalist Alliance coalition formed in April this year. Anti-racists will confront the Saturday neo-Nazi event in Harrisburg, aiming to shut it down. In solidarity with the anti-racists resisting neo-Nazis in Pennsylvania, we decided to expose the state leader of National Socialist Movement in Georgia where we live.


Eric Meadows and Angela Kay Johnson

Several months ago, “Eric” was named as the new state leader for the National Socialist Movement in Georgia. “Eric” is Floyd Eric Meadows, who currently resides in Rome, Georgia and who has a history spanning two decades in the white supremacist movement. In September, Eric Meadows married Angela Kay Johnson in a ceremony at the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar, a notorious Klan business in Draketown, GA. The event doubled as an “Aryan Nationalist Alliance” gathering, attracting Aryan Nations Worldwide and Confederate Hammerskin members as well as NSM members. Angela is also active in the National Socialist Movement – one online post urges those interested in the NSM Women’s Division to get in touch with “Eva Peiper in Georgia,” which is Angela’s online alias.

Eric and Angela are both based at 11 Mountain Chase Road SW in Rome, GA. On Thursday, November 3, we mailed 180 of their closest neighbors with information about the neo-Nazis living nearby. Our flyer is included with this post.

The outreach flyer we mailed provides pertinent information about Floyd Eric Meadows, such as:
* his onetime leadership of the Southern Cross Militant Knights of the Ku Klux Klan;
* his role in the neo-Nazi motorcycle club the Anhanger SS M.C. (more recently, Meadows displays a patch for the Wrecking Crew MC, a support club for The Warlocks outlaw motorcycle gang); and
* Meadows’ work forming a paramilitary group called “The Indomitables” within the racist/secessionist League of the South.


This year has been busy for Meadows. Not only did he show up at the NSM rally on April 23 in Rome, GA, but he tried to target a New Black Panther Party gathering in Rome in May (Eric and Angela were instead intercepted by police that day). In June, Eric and Angela hosted a meet-and-greet event attended by International Keystone Knights of the KKK as well as NSM members. Since August, Eric Meadows has hosted a Monday night internet radio show for the NSM, where he promotes a racist version of Heathenism. Both Eric and Angela are expected to be in Harrisburg, PA for the NSM rally on the 5th.


We are aware that Angela is also known as “Angela Kasahara” from one of her previous marriages; we are also aware that she has a family from that earlier marriage. However, even if this suggests hypocrisy on the part of Eric Meadows (who must know) and Angela, we do not believe that these two should be treated as less of a danger because of Angela’s personal history. Property records still list the 11 Mountain Chase Rd property as partially owned by Angela’s ex-husband.


The anti-racist mobilization in Harrisburg deserves wholehearted support. Our efforts in Georgia were a small effort in solidarity with that broader mobilization, fighting against a common enemy. We encourage readers to build on our outreach by spreading this statement to friends and family in North Georgia, especially those near Rome.

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