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Aug 4, 17

What You Need to Know About the Nazi Rally in Charlottesville, VA

On August 12th in Charlottesville, VA, hundreds of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Alt-Right trolls, and KKK members will reconverge at Emancipation Park in order to hold a protest to “Unite the Right” and in support of a statue of Confederate general, Robert E Lee, which is slated to be removed. While the protest is advertised as a broad mobilization across the right-wing and advertised as a “free speech” rally, the only groups organizing for the event and the only people speaking at it are all connected to the racist Alt-Right and various neo-Nazi and neo-Confederate groups.

Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in the US promotes the Unite the Right protest. “88” in the website URL stands for the 8th letter in the alphabet, and short for “Heil Hitler.”

These groups do not hide their politics, but they do cloak it in irony and memes while openly using racial slurs, claiming that Jews control the world, calling for genocide and ethnic cleansing, and promoting and endorsing violence. The rally will mark the third white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville in the past four months; as Richard Spencer led a series of rallies in May and the Ku-Klux-Klan gathered in July, all around the same statue.

As the Unite the Right protest draws closer, Alt-Right trolls and neo-Nazis have increased their calls from the safe space of the internet, for violence and openly are talking about bringing weapons and concealed firearms. Moreover, on various Alt-Right and neo-Nazi websites which are promoting Unite the Right, attendees have even made a “hit list” of local political leaders and police, referring to them as “n*ggers” and “Jews,” while in the media the Alt-Right has worked hard to portray itself as nonviolent and ‘not racist.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Neo-Nazi podcast with Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler describes counter-demonstration as a “chimp out,” a racist reference to black people.

Despite their giddy excitement about using violence, the Unite the Right protest is being promoted from a place of victimization. Regardless of the fact that members of the Alt-Right have carried out numerous murders, arson attacks, and racist acts of intimidation – they claim that they are the real victims. 

Their Facebook event page even hilariously reads:

[T]he City of Charlottesville and roving mobs of Antifa have cracked down on the First Amendment rights of conservatives and right wing activists…This is an event which seeks to unify the right-wing against a totalitarian Communist crackdown, to speak out against displacement level immigration policies in the United States and Europe.

If anyone has their head so far up Alex Jones’ ass that they need a reality check, the truth is that the State has not cracked down on conservatives or the Right. In Charlottesville, despite massive outcry from the local population, the City Council and police have kept the permit for the neo-Nazi rally in place, bowing to pressure from Alt-Right lawyers. While the Alt-Right might like to think there is a “totalitarian Communist crackdown,” in reality the State has targeted poor communities of color, immigrants, refugees, and protesters while giving the far-Right free reign.

Even several of the leaders who are speaking at Unite the Right will attest to this reality. In a recent podcast on Fash the Nation, Richard Spencer and Mike Peinovich, two prominent neo-Nazi organizers who are speaking at the protest, discussed how both the Trump administration and Steve Bannon in particular are holding back both police and the FBI from harassing them, giving them the “space to destroy.”


“He’s going to give us space to operate, and frankly, it is space to destroy,” Peinovich continued.

“Now is the time that we have to make hay while the sun shines . . . while these investigations of ‘domestic terrorist groups’ are not being funded by the government, they’re not being pushed by the Department of Homeland Security” argued one of the co-hosts of the program, an anonymous former Republican political staffer who calls himself Jazzhands McFeels.

“We’d probably be facing fucking [racketeering] charges or some shit like that,” Peinovich said, discussing what he believed might have happened if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election.

“We have to use these four years to grow into something that can’t be defeated by that kind of thing,” Peinovich said, referring to possible future investigations of neo-fascist groups.

“They kind of expect us to be doing this. I’m not saying he’s our guy, but they want — at least Bannon, I would think — wants us to be able to operate in that space. So we should and we are,” [Jazzhands] said.

Alt-Right and neo-Nazi groups feel emboldened, empowered, and protected by police and the Trump administration – not attacked by it. With this in mind, they are attempting to play on fears of ‘antifa’ and Black Lives Matter promoted by Trump aligned media outlets like Breitbart and Fox News, in order to turn out rank and file people on the Right.

There’s just one problem: the Alt-Right has been picking fights and laughing at militia members and groups like the Oath Keepers over “muh freeze peach” and fighting with the various Alt-Lite organizations and leaders for months. Because of this, it seems many of them won’t be showing up for Unite the Right, and instead are leaving the door open for the most hardcore neo-Nazi elements of the Alt-Right to come in and fly their colors.

KKK member and III%er arguing about Unite the Right, while KKK member attacks militia member’s mixed racial child. So much for uniting the Right!

At a time when openly racist and fascist groups feel the most emboldened and protected by the government, the President, and the police – it’s important that we as everyday working and poor people arm ourselves with knowledge of what is really going on, so we can better organize ourselves and our communities in defense against these groups who are bent on using violence and intimidation to further their politics, either from behind a keyboard or carrying an assault rifle.

At the end of the day, what the Alt-Right wants most of all is to unite the various white supremacist and Neo-Nazi factions together, under a strong leadership. They are also hoping to bring in and indoctrinate a variety of Alt-Lite individuals and groups, such as the Proud Boys and people like Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, and ultimately make them move from “civic nationalism” to “white nationalism.”

Lastly, the Alt-Right hopes to distance itself from its image of being a ‘rent a troll’ army that helped get Trump elected and lined the pockets of hucksters from Milo Yiannopoulos to Steve Bannon. But moreover, as stated in online forms and in social media, the Alt-Right hopes to “demoralize” community members who come out to demonstrate against them by crushing anyone that stands in their way.

But despite everything that the police, local city government, and the white supremacists would throw at us, thousands of people are coming to Charlottesville and will mobilize and converge to defend their city and region against the growing neo-Nazi threat of the Alt-Right. Across a broad range of organizations, movements, lines of race and gender, beliefs of faith, and communities, people are holding meetings, teach-ins, and talking with their neighbors about the need to drive out the white supremacists.

Here’s what you need to know. 

The Protest is Being Spearheaded by Jason Kessler, Who was Fired from Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller for Being a White Supremacist

Jason Kessler is the principal organizer of the Unite the Right protest, and is a long time organizer in Charlottesville around Alt-Right and white supremacist causes. Throughout his career, Kessler has campaigned long and hard to keep the Charlottesville statue of Robert E. Lee from being taken down and done everything to further his cause from petition drives, rallies, getting arrested for fighting, and now: working with neo-Nazis.

Over the past few months, Kessler’s descent into full blown neo-Nazism and white supremacist politics has only intensified, leading some of his former associates to distance themselves from Kessler, claiming that they want nothing to do with him or the Unite the Right protest.

Kessler speaks to media at a press conference with protection from the 1% biker gang ‘The Warlocks’ behind him for intimidation. The Warlocks have a long and violent history of crime, but they’re some of the only allies that Kessler can buy.

Moreover, locally Kessler has attempted to align himself with a violent biker gang for protection. At a recent press conference about the Unite the Right rally, Kessler was flanked by the outlaw 1% biker club the Warlocks for protection. A quick look at the history of the Warlocks reveals a group connected to violent crime, carrying out many of the same acts that Kessler states people of color are genetically predestined to commit:

In 1991, 12 members of the Warlocks MC — including former national president John “Spike” Ingrao — were indicted by a federal grand jury in Orlando, FL on drug, explosives, and weapons violations. That November Ingrao was sentenced to 9 years in federal prison for attempting to sell 525 lbs of marijuana, transferring 21 machine guns, and selling 84 homemade bombs to undercover ATF agents.

Ingrao had also told ATF agents about the Warlocks MC “wrecking crew,”an elite group of members whose job was, as he put it, “taking care of business.” In the words of one federal agent, this meant killing rival gang members by “using explosives and also using Colombian hit men.”

In 2011 Warlocks member James Madison Bedsole was sentenced to life in prison for the 2009 murder of a man who accidentally knocked over a motorcycle outside of a central Florida bar. And in 2014, a Warlock named Victor Amaro was found guilty on two counts of second degree murder in connection with a deadly shootout at a Winter Springs VFW.

Kessler’s links with the Alt-Right and neo-Nazis have also caused him to be fired from his position at the The Daily Caller (run by none other than Tucker Carlson), after he wrote an article about a white nationalist rally headed by Richard Spencer which he attended and spoke at earlier this summer.

Kessler has also been a regular contributor to a wide variety of white supremacist websites, shares a wide variety of neo-Nazi articles and memes, appears on various white supremacist podcasts, and has also been a regular poster on online forums favorited by the Alt-Right.

But while Kessler may be the public face of Unite the Right, those that he is bringing to town are much, much more frightening.

Despite Claiming to Bring Together Different Sections of the Right, Most of the Groups Organizing the Protest Are Part of White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi Groups

The original idea behind the Unite the Right protest was that it would bridge the gap between Trump supporters, ‘Alt-Lite’ groups such as the Proud Boys, and the hardcore white supremacists and neo-Nazis in the Alt-Right. This would essentially take the hodge podge of people who have been attending the various “Free Speech” and pro-Trump rallies across the US since March, and bring them out to a demonstration under Alt-Right leadership. By and large this effort has been a total failure, and instead the protest has sought to draw more and more from outright neo-Nazi elements with long and violent histories in order to bring in more shock troops.

Here’s a look at some of the groups attending:

Identity Evropa: Formed by ex-Marine Nathan Damigo who after attacking a cab driver, became ‘racialized’ in prison from reading the works of KKK leader David Duke. Once out, Damigo transitioned the neo-Nazi group the Nationalist Youth Front (NYF) into Identity Evropa in order to appeal to a more upper-middle class and college educated demographic, largely borrowing from ‘white identity’ groups in Europe that took the language of identity politics and used it as a way to obscure neo-Nazi ideology.

Identity Evropa member giving Nazi salute at protest in Minneapolis, 2016.

Since Identity Evropa began in 2016, the group has been linked to racist harassment and threats of violence against a college dean with biracial children, numerous violent clashes at protests, and white supremacist vandalism across the US.

In May of 2017, a neo-Nazi associated with Identity Evropa was outed as a known pedophile. IE members have also been documented giving Nazi salutes at demonstrations and using white supremacist symbols. Damigo has referred to IE as the “SS” of the Alt-Right and claims that they have 450 members operating across the US, primarily based out of colleges. IE’s goal is to transition their members into leaders in positions of authority in order to further their white supremacist goals.

From the Facebook page of the band, Negro Terror

In recent months in Florida, Identity Evropa members have disrupted several liberal events and racial justice trainings, and according to the African-American punk band, Negro Terror, in late July IE leader Nathan Damigo threatened to violently turn one of their shows into a “boot party.”

Vanguard America: After accusations of snitching and pedophila destroyed the group American Vanguard, which itself was a split from the “IronMarch” neo-Nazi web forum, Vanguard America (VA) was born. VA is much like Identity Evropa in that it tailors to a younger and internet based Alt-Right audience and spends much of it’s time putting up posters and stickers. However unlike IE, much of VA’s aesthetics borrow more from classical neo-Nazism and make more open reference to it. For instance, it’s website “Blood and Soil” is borrowed from the slogan of the Nazi Party, and their logo shows an eagle carrying the fasces, a weapon most associated with fascism.

Unlike Identity Evropa who attempts to use identity politics to make themselves appear to be neutral and ‘mainstream,’ VA is more interested in shock appeal, as evidenced by their flyers as seen above. In early July, the group came into the spotlight after it left a banner up at a Holocaust memorial in New Jersey with the slogan, “Heebs Will Not Divide Us,” accompanied by the VA logo. Vanguard America is part of the Nationalist Front, which also includes the Traditionalist Worker Party and the National Socialist Movement, two of the largest neo-Nazi groups in the United States.

Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP): The Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) is one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in the US and grows out of the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN). Both groups are led by Matthew Heimbach and his father-in-law Matthew Parrott. Unlike many within the Alt-Right, Heimbach wants to make alliances with a wide variety of factions, and also incorporates Leftist and populist themes into his rhetoric.

TWP leader Matthew Heimbach giving Nazi salute at a KKK and neo-Nazi gathering.

TWP leader Matthew Heimbach stands in front of a large burning swastika along with members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and the KKK, who are also part of the Nationalist Front which is led by Heimbach.

At the same time, Heimbach is clear that while the TWP is part of the Alt-Right, it is part of the Alt-Right which is explicitly National Socialist (the ideology of the Nazi Party). Heimbach has also written extensively that non-hetrosexuals and mixed-race couples should be placed in ‘re-education camps,’ and that anyone who doesn’t subscribe to his worldview should be destroyed like rabid dogs. Like many on the Alt-Right, Heimbach has two faces: one for the media and the public, and one for the rest of the movement.

Matthew Heimbach on Twitter calling to “remove the kikes.”

During a rally in Pikeville, Kentucky in April, Heimbach gave an interview with Unicorn Riot and stated that he still agreed that mixed-race couples should be put into re-education centers and that Hitler was a “good person.” During the Pikeville rally, participants gave Nazi salutes to cries of “Heil Heimbach!”

Most recently, Heimbach has gone to court over assaulting a young African-American protester at a Trump rally in Kentucky. The young woman claims that she was assaulted and called racial slurs by Heimbach and other TWP members, as Trump encouraged the crowd to run the protesters out.

Several of the neo-Nazis who participated in the TWP demonstration in Sacramento in June, 2016 that became violent.

William Planer, TWP organizer who was arrested after vandalizing a synagogue in Denver, CO. Seen here giving a Nazi salute.

Other TWP members have also been tied to violence. In June of 2016, neo-Nazi skinheads wearing TWP shirts and carrying shields with the “SS” logo on them stabbed several people at a protest in Sacramento, California. As they ran away, they dropped one gun and were seeing carrying another. In the aftermath of the rally, the FBI began investigating the local TWP chapter, arresting one member on gun charges. William Planer, a TWP member, was arrested in connection to the rally directly, but only after being picked up by authorities after he vandalized a synagogue in Denver, Colorado.

Over the last two years, Matthew Heimbach has also pushed to form the Nationalist Front (NF), which is a collection of the most explicitly neo-Nazi sections of the Alt-Right.

National Socialist Movement (NSM): The National Socialist Movement (NSM) grew out of a series of splits from the American Nazi Party (ANP). The NSM, like the ANP, decided that instead of trying to hide their affinity for Adolf Hitler and Nazism, they instead should embrace it.

National Socialist Movement (NSM) at a demonstration. Leader Jeff Schoep second from the left. Up until recently, the NSM openly used the swastika as a logo. Despite the change, their ideology remains exactly the same.

The established goals of the NSM were also straightforwardly exterminationist and embraced a strategy of taking over the United States and removing (by any means) anyone that is not a non-Jewish, white, heterosexual aligned with the regime. From their website:

“The Constitution was written by white men alone. Therefore, it was intended for whites alone.”
— National Socialist Movement website, undated

“All non-White immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Whites currently residing in America be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to their land of origin: peacefully or by force.”
— National Socialist Movement website, undated

Within the larger white supremacist movement, the NSM for many years were seen as “Hollywood Nazis,” who enjoyed LARPing in their Nazi uniforms and parading around with swastika banners. Despite this, Matthew Heimbach saw potential in the NSM to be the foot soldiers in a larger fascist and neo-Nazi organization which would attempt to bring the various white supremacist and KKK factions together under one banner. Heimbach also pushed the NSM to retire from using the swastika in public, although the ideology and goals of the NSM remain exactly the same.

NSM leader Jeff Hall was killed in 2011 by his own 10 year old son who was angry that Hall was abusing his stepmother and himself.

The NSM is led by Jeff Schoep, who has ruled over the organization for years and according to his ex-wife (who has a half-African American daughter) is only in it for the money. She stated:

I think he really, truly, doesn’t believe in neo-Nazism and that he’s just doing all of this to boost his ego, gain a Jim Jones-type of following and make some money. Or maybe he just likes to lie to people. I don’t know and it is strange.

I know he’s in it for the money; NSM is his only income. I feel like he doesn’t care much about race because I have a lot of friends of different races and our neighbors were black. He seemed to get along with them all just fine. His anti-Semitism was a different issue. He may not have cared about race, but he was definitely passionate about how awful he thought “the Jews” were.

He threatened me when I told him I was going to contact the FBI about the threats I’ve been getting from NSM members. He said that I have every reason to be scared of him, and he has told me that on numerous occasions.

NSM members also have a long history of violence and murder. This includes J.T. Ready, who murdered his half Latino girlfriend and three others before killing himself, Jeff Hall who allegedly abused his family and wife and was eventually killed by his own son, and several more:

In 2012, former NSM Nevada state leader Josh Davenport was charged with four counts of sexual assault on a victim under 14, four counts of sexual assault with a deadly weapon, lewdness with a minor, kidnapping and battery with intent to commit sexual assault. 

In 2015 former NSM member Anthony Baumgartner was sentenced to 45 years for murdering a drug dealer in order “to get back in the race war.” Baumgartner attended an NSM rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2012, just three months before he and three others murdered and dismembered the victim.

Members of the NSM, including leader Jeff Schoep were depicted in the documentary, Welcome to Leith, which detailed a group of neo-Nazis that attempt to take over a small town of about 15 people in North Dakota.

The documentary shows how by using threats of violence and intimidation, the NSM members attempted to bully their way into leadership positions in the town, which was made up largely of working-class white people. After the NSM members began threatening people in the town with firearms, the town rallied together and drove out the neo-Nazis, even burning down what remained of the buildings that they had owned.

A Look at Who is Speaking

Richard Spencer: Richard Spencer is considered the keynote speaker for the event and is perhaps the most well known white supremacist out of the entire lineup. Spencer has advocated for “peaceful ethnic cleansing” and calls for a white ethnostate. Late last year at a conference he organized in Washington DC, he cried, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!,” as audience members threw up Nazi salutes. At the center of Spencer’s worldview is the idea that whites are genetically superior to other races.

As he stated:

A century and a half ago, Alexander Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederate States of America, was faced with the prospect of the victory or annihilation of his nation and fledgling state in what is now referred to as the American Civil War.

In his greatest address, “The Cornerstone of the Confederacy,” he did not speak (mendaciously) about “states rights” or any kind of Constitutional legality. He instead cut to the heart of the social order he was opposing. He stressed that the Confederacy was based on the conclusion that Thomas Jefferson was wrong; the “cornerstone” of the new state was the “physical, philosophical, and moral truth” of human inequality.

Ours, too, should be a declaration of difference and distance—”We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created unequal.” In the wake of the old world, this will be our proposition.

Nazi salutes go up in Washington DC as Richard Spencer cries out, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!”

Augustus Invictus: Real name, Austin Gillespie, Invictus describes himself as an “American Fascist,” Invictus has spent the last several years trying to build an Alt-Right pole within the Florida Libertarian Party. He has close links to the neo-Nazi skinhead organizations like the American Front and has spoken in front of a variety of neo-Nazi and Alt-Right groups. In April of this year, Invictus’ former partner filed charges against him for kidnapping, rape, and domestic abuse. When asked by police why she did not come forward sooner, she stated that Augustus had told her that people within the neo-Nazi movement would attack her if she spoke out. Read the police report here.

Augustus Invictus speaking in front of a “Rock Against Communism” flag. RAC genre of music popularized by neo-Nazis in the UK.

Augustus is a close associate of Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, and they have formed several groups connected to the Proud Boys. Currently, Augustus is planning a rally in Florida against “white genocide” in September and has stated that he is coming to a protest ‘Against Marxism’ organized by Kyle Chapman in Berkeley in late August.

Mike “Enoch” Peinovich: Peinovich is the leader of The Right Stuff (TRS) podcast network and one of the rising stars of the Alt-Right. Peinovich works closely with Richard Spencer, and is out in the open about being “a Nazi.” Like The Daily Stormer, TRS has gone to great lengths to use neo-Nazi and racist imagery and slogans, even selling oven mitts to make light of Jewish people being put into ovens during the Holocaust. Ironically, when Peinovich was doxxed back in late 2016, it was revealed that his wife was in fact Jewish.

Mike Peinovich giving a Nazi salute at Pikeville, Kentucky rally.

Baked Alaska: Real name, Tim Gionet, Alaska is a former Buzzfeed writer and a horrifically bad hip-hop artist. Currently he works as a professional livestreamer and has danced between the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right, however in recent months has thrown himself squarely into the neo-Nazi camp. For instance during his livestream at a “Free Speech” rally in Portland, Oregon, he talked with a member of Identity Evropa about the “14 words,” a catch phrase popularized by a member of The Order, a neo-Nazi terrorist group that carried out a series of murders, robberies, and bombings in the Pacific Northwest.

While Alaska has been invited to many “Free Speech” rallies and presented as simply a Trump supporter, his turn towards neo-Nazism shouldn’t come as a surprise. Back in late 2016, he was banned from the Deploraball by none other than Mike Cernovich for posting anti-Semitic comments along with neo-Nazi imagery.

Dr. Michael Hill: Ironically, Hill stands out from other speakers as the only person representing the ‘neo-Confederate’ movement, despite the event being held in Virginia. Hill is President of League of the South (LoS) which is also part of the Nationalist Front. A quick look at this writings show that he’s lock-step with the rest of the neo-Nazis also speaking:

“[T]he evil genie of universal ‘human rights,’ once loosed from its bottle, can never be restrained because rights for women, racial and ethnic minorities, homosexuals, pedophiles, etc., can be manufactured easily.”
— Essay posted to, 1999

“We Southern nationalists do not want a race war (or any sort of war). But if one is forced on us, we’ll participate. … Southern whites are geared up and armed to the teeth. … So if negroes think a ‘race war’ in modern America would be to their advantage, they had better prepare themselves for a very rude awakening. White people may be patient, but our patience does have a limit. You do not want to test that limit.”
— “A few notes on an American race war,” May 6, 2015

“Never underestimate the perfidy of the organized Jew.” — On an internal League of the South Facebook group, December 8, 2015

Pax Dickinson: Formerly of Business InsiderDickinson was fired after a series of offensive tweets and his connection to the Alt-Right was discovered. Dickinson then went on to work with Charles Johnson on WeSearchr, an Alt-Right fundraising platform, but then left after he alleged that Johnson had screwed him over and was taking people’s money. Since then, Dickinson has moved to set up his own fundraising platform for the Alt-Right.

Chris Cantwell: Another bizarre libertarian who moved into full on white supremacy and anti-Semitism. Cantwell works on the podcast Radical Agenda and according to Angry White Men: “Cantwell still identifies…with a strong libertarian streak, but sympathizes with Neo-Nazis due to their mutual hatred of Jews and non-whites.” Cantwell spoke alongside many of the Unite the Right speakers on June 25th in DC, and exists largely within the neo-Nazi podcast circuit.

An ad for the Radical Agenda podcast.

Johnny Monoxide: Real name, John Ramondetta, Monoxide is another “new kid on the block,” and runs several Alt-Right podcasts and livestreams for Identity Evropa events in the bay area. He recently attended a rally organized by Vanguard America in Austin, Texas, where after the rally neo-Nazis attacked a member of the liberal group Indivisible and vandalized their car.  

Podcast from Red Ice TV featuring Johnny Monoxide.

Matthew Heimbach: The leader of the TWP and the NF which we have already discussed. Heimbach describes himself as a national socialist, the official ideology of Nazi Germany.

Matthew Heimbach speaks under swastika flag flown by NSM members.

Jason Kessler: The “local boy,” Kessler who we have discussed prior, is at the head of the rally and tasked with being the conduit between the larger group of neo-Nazis and the City of Charlottesville.

Jason Kessler speaks at a protest.

The Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis Want the Proud Boys and Militias There – But Most Don’t Want to Go

While the Alt-Right has portrayed the Unite the Right protest as a ‘big tent’ and a ‘free speech’ rally, the truth is that tensions between the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right and moreover between the Alt-Right and the militia movement has been growing for some time.

In Houston, Texas in June, Alt-Right trolls tricked militia groups into believing that antifascists and Black Lives Matter groups were going to destroy a statue of Confederate, Sam Houston. These same trolls then turned around and set up a counter protest and pocketed upwards of $4K off of crowdfunding. While this led to some on the Right being furious, at the resulting demonstration to ‘protect’ the statue from a non-existent threat, militia members confronted and forced a group of neo-Nazis to leave the major part of the rally. Later, militia members confronted and choked out a neo-Nazi troll, forcing him to leave the area to screams of, “Get that Nazi bastard out of here!,” leading many on the Alt-Right to lampoon the militia movement as “Boomer antifa.”

Member of III%ers militia calling on people not to attend Unite the Right protest.

In response, Navy Jack from the Oath Keepers militia wrote an article entitled, The Scourge of White Nationalism, in which he specifically attacks various Alt-Right groups and the Unite the Right protest in particular. In the article, he talks about how neo-Nazi and Alt-Right groups have used the Trump ‘Deplorable’ movement as well as ‘Free Speech’ rallies to recruit:

By showing up at any pro-Trump rally or event and using these opportunities to recruit, these organizations have been steadily growing. Expanding out, they are now targeting “free speech” rallies and luring participants into their web of deceit. The organizations I am referring to include the National Policy Institute (NPI), Identity Evropa and Vanguard America.

 Anyone promoting a claim of superiority based on race is not a patriot, they are a racist.

If you are a patriot, you must not only believe that human liberty is a function of equal human rights, you must practice, promote and defend it. If you truly are a patriot, you must stand against and condemn NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America as organizations that seek to divide us.  You must reject NPI, Identity Evropa and Vanguard America as organizations that inspire violence by falsely making claims of association to our President…

The white nationalists and fascists are attempting, once again, to legitimize themselves by claiming association with Conservatives, Libertarians and Constitutionalists. They are holding numerous rallies labeled as “Free Speech” and “#UniteTheRight” to indoctrinate people (who really should know better) into their racist ideologies.

If the leaders and followers of the white nationalist and fascist movements want to label me a “cuck” because I will never support their cause, so be it. The real “cucks” are the people that get suckered into attending a “#UniteTheRight” or “Free Speech” rally that is nothing more than an opportunity for white nationalists and fascists to promote racial segregation.

Many within the various militia formations also believe that members of the Alt-Right solely want them to attend the event in order to provide security and stop them from being run out of town. In a series of conversations between Brad Griffin, who writes under the name ‘Hunter Wallace,’ various militia movement members have announced that not only are they not attending Unite the Right, but that they refuse to work with the Alt-Right in the future, and feel that they were baited into the protest by Alt-Right trolls in order to fight counter-demonstrators.

We have seen this reality play out time and time again, both in Houston and in Gettysburg, where another Alt-Right hoax promoted by fake antifa twitter bots and Alt-Lite conspiracy mongers like Jack Posobiec, led to one militia member shooting themselves in the leg.

As Restoring the Honor shows, Brad Griffin like a true Southern gentlemen, states to Patriot members that “no one ever invited you to come bro”:

Guess that whole idea of ‘Uniting the Right’ was bullshit to begin with!

The Alt-Right only wants the militias around for the firepower and for added cushion against counter-protesters – not because they want to ‘unite’ with them. It should be noted however, that some militias will be attending in order to provide extra support for the police, much like the Oath Keepers did in Pikeville, against counter-demonstrators. While on paper they may distance themselves from the protest, in reality this is a “soft endorsement,” as they will attempt to back up the police and protect the neo-Nazis. One such group doing this is the PA Light Foot Militia.

But the Alt-Right has also been courting the Proud Boys, led by Gavin McInnes, to attend the rally. Currently, only one person connected to the Proud Boys is speaking – Augustus Invictus, who has a long history of involvement with neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups, and who recently spoke at the neo-Nazi protest held in DC on June 25th. But even the relationship between the Alt-Right and the Proud Boys is leading to drama.

Article from attacking the Proud Boys.

In mid-July, the website run by Richard Spencer, reported that an African-American Proud Boy was coming to Unite the Right in order to attack members of the Alt-Right. The Proud Boys do not have officially have a policy of barring individuals who are non-white or who are gay. While there has been noted crossover between the Proud Boys and the Alt-Right, Gavin McInnes has publicly tried to disavow the event, and officially the Proud Boys are not endorsing it. However in a capitulation to the Alt-Right, have stated that individuals and chapters can make up their minds autonomously if they want to attend. It’s clear that the Proud Boys have no spine, and that the members within the group who support open white supremacy have control over the organization.

Despite this, the article makes clear the view of many within the Alt-Right against those on the Alt-Lite, especially those who are non-white:

To those who believe that we shouldn’t engage in infighting, I have this example and many others to point out. The Alt-Right is fine letting the Alt-Lite do its own thing. It’s they who are constantly threatening and counter-signaling us. What can we do against such reckless faggotry except call it out? I suggest taking your concern-trolling elsewhere.

It’s not infighting when your movement has literally nothing in common with theirs. This is a consolidation of the dissident right. The “infighting” was bound to happen sooner or later. Let’s just grit our teeth and finish the job.

Lastly, in the lead up to Unite the Right, local organizers have documented how some behind the protest were open about wanting to attack counter-demonstrators. However, ironically, one such person, Charles Ross, also stated in online conversations that he also wanted to attack Richard Spencer as well. This revelation lead to Ross being expelled from Unite the Right organizing. 

With various sides on the Right calling for violence against each other, one has to wonder if the various factions will end up turning on themselves instead of counter-demonstrators.

Neo-Nazis Are Claiming They Want Non-White “Allies” There – But Everyone in the Alt-Right is Using the N-Word

One of the leaders of the TWP, Matt Parrot, also father-in-law to Matthew Heimbach, put out a statement on June 21st that called for “non-White allies” on the Right to join their friends in the Alt-Right and neo-Nazi movements at the Unite the Right protest. They write:

As we have gone over many times, at this point, no one believes that this is a “big tent” Right event. Even Parrot himself spoke to the demise of Unite the Right being able to bring in anyone besides white supremacists on his Facebook account:

We shouldn’t be surprised that the Alt-Right is trying to put out a lot of hot air about building bridges with members of color from various organizations – after all, they want as many people as possible to unite under their banner and especially to show up in order to keep their leadership safe. Behind the scenes however, most rank-n-file members of the Alt-Right want nothing to do with non-whites.

Alt-Right trolls clearly have no desire to ‘stand in solidarity’ with non-white members on the Right.

But what is disingenuous about TWP reaching out to members of color on the Right, is that the Alt-Right is an open cesspool of in your face racism, especially anti-black racism. As we have documented in the past and in this article, leading Alt-Right and neo-Nazi websites like The Daily Stormer and openly use racial slurs in their headlines and in their imagery. This is not just to be ‘edgy shitlords,’ but because they actually really do hate black people and think that they are genetically inferior to white people.

Here we see on The Daily Stormer message boards people openly discussing Unite the Right with Heimbach and using racial anti-black slurs, to which Heimbach of course has no aversion:

Alt-Right leaders like Mike Peinovich and Richard Spencer also openly use anti-black an racist slurs in their podcasts and videos:

In a recent AMA in July, Spencer also spelled out that, “The Jewish question is complex in a way that the African-American question is not.” Meaning, that Jews might be allowed to be integrated somewhat into a white ethnostate, but there is no question that blacks must be removed or done away with.

In a Daily Stormer article detailing Unite the Right, it openly refers to both Black Lives Matter and local black people using racist slurs, making clear that the Alt-Right hates all black people, regardless of their ‘political position’:

Alt-Right neo-Nazis list groups coming to oppose them including “Local n*iggers,” from The Daily Stormer.

Local figurehead and organizer of Unite the Right Jason Kessler also openly posts disgustingly anti-black and racist comments that endorse violence. Back in late July, Kessler responded to someone on Facebook saying that he loved his family (his wife is African-American and they have a child together) to which Kessler responded that if he had “done that bullcrap under the Confederacy he’d be hanging from a tall tree”:

“you’d be hanging from a tall tree.”

The fact that a lot of people on the Right can’t accept the fact that the Alt-Right is racist unless they are flying a swastika flag, standing in front of a burning cross wearing a KKK uniform, while also screaming racial slurs is idiotic, but shows the distance it will go to excuse racism.

But if you truly need the receipts, well, here it is. 

Alt-Right is Gearing Up to Bring Weapons and Concealed Firearms

Organizers for the Unite the Right protest are planning to come to the protest with weapons, including concealed firearms. According to The Daily Stormer:

“BE READY FOR A FIGHT…Also dont [sic] dress in complete black…unless you have some sort of significant item…dont [sic] want blue on blue [friendly fire]…” Neo-Nazis discuss need to cover weapons.

In a recent podcast, Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler asked one of the people in charge of security about people bringing firearms, to which he replied that neo-Nazis and members of the Alt-Right would be bringing concealed firearms:

Jason Kessler talking with ‘Caerulus Rex,’ who is ‘commanding security detail’ for Unite the Right. Says they will be carrying concealed firearms.

Women Will Carry Out Various Tasks that “Frees Up Our Fighting Men”

According to TWP and Nationalist Front leader Matthew Heimbach, female members of the Alt-Right and various neo-Nazi groups will take part in the mobilization, but only in roles which “free up our fighting men.”

On the Alt-Right, many claim to embrace a form of “White Sharia,” in which women have no rights and are not allowed any sort of agency or control in public life. Alt-Right and neo-Nazi websites like The Daily Stormer officially do not allow women to write and post articles. However, the drive of neo-Nazi leaders like Heimbach to include women in the protest, albeit to free up space for men to “fight,” shows that the Alt-Right is gearing up to engage in violence.

Matthew Heimbach claims that women will be used to “free up our fighting men.”

Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Websites Have Made a “Hit List” of Local Public Officials and Police

The notorious neo-Nazi and Alt-Right website The Daily Stormer (post entitled, Unite the Right Free Speech Rally [Basic Overview]), which is also helping to organize the demonstration and send people to Unite the Right, has created a ‘hit list’ of local Charlottesville leaders and police. In true Daily Stormer fashion, the list is filled with racial slurs and InfoWars style conspiracy theories that everyone they don’t like is either a Jew or tied to Black Lives Matter.

The fact that local city officials and police have an ongoing relationship with Jason Kessler and are working with him to not only make sure that his rally has a permit but also that police are there to subdue protesters, is a testament to the drive of the State to take the side of fascists while repressing anyone that fights against them.

Some Neo-Nazis Are Denouncing ‘Unite the Right’ Because – ‘Jews’

Some on the Alt-Right claim that Unite the Right isn’t neo-Nazi enough, because Pax Dickinson, formerly of the crowdfunding site Wesearchr, (Dickinson left after he realized that Charles Johnson is stealing everyone’s money), is working with – you guessed it! Jews!

According to The Roper Report: 

Mr. Dickinson, in seeking to create a communal Alt Right crowdfunding enterprise, has created Counter.Fund, which describes itself also as a self-governing political party. At the top of this Alt Right political party and fundraising endeavor, Mr. Dickinson has placed a JewMeet Peter Belau, a self-admitted, self-described Jew, who brags about how right-leaning Jews such as himself should be included in White Nationalism, as well as the Alt Right.

If you go to the #UniteTheRight rally on August 12th, you can hear Mr. Dickinson speak, applaud him, and demonstrate by your presence that you also support Jews being actively involved in White Nationalism, and the Alt Right, including in leadership positions.

And may your chains rest lightly upon you.

Boomer Nazis just don’t understand.

Why We Need to Oppose Them

As expected, local leaders in Charlottesville are already calling on people to avoid the area of the Unite the Right protest. It seems if bureaucrats can be counted on to do anything these days, it’s roll over and grease the wheels for fascists and corporate CEOs while the rest of us get steamrolled. Over and over again they talk about how they support the free speech of neo-Nazis who would destroy the basic freedoms of so many in a heartbeat, but then turn around and demand that the rest of us go home for daring to oppose them.

Why is this? 

The ruling order, from the city council, to the police, to the President, doesn’t want everyday working-class people – especially black people – from getting riled up and organized against something. If it’s neo-Nazis today, it could be action tomorrow at our jobs, where we live, in our schools, and against everything from police brutality to healthcare to pipelines. Shut up and go home, they tell us over and over again.

Let us also keep in mind that in the lead up to the KKK demonstration in Charlottesville in July, the local police began a targeted campaign of harassment against local organizers – but not the Klan. After the KKK left their rally, the police opened fire with tear gas on the crowd as over 1,500 people were milling around, arresting several people and slapping them with felony charges. The brutal actions of the police that day sent a clear message: the white supremacists will be protected at all costs but the people that came out to oppose them would be put down with the utmost brutality.

The police are doing this because they see popular mobilizations against the far-Right – and any mobilizations by everyday people in the current period, to potentially be a threat to a regime whose legitimacy is quickly crumbling. By putting down broad community responses to white supremacist groups they also are sending a message that should the population rise up against Trump, they will do the exact same.

But on August 12th, thousands of people people from all walks of life will converge to show both the police and the neo-Nazis that openly call for mass murder and genocide that we are not afraid.

The Unite the Right protest is already a failure – it hasn’t united shit. The few people it has managed to bring together are the same losers that would jump in front of a train if they thought it would bring them more “recurring donations” and political power. Moreover, the Unite the Right protest, just as the Pikeville mobilization, will be filled with swastika tattoos, Kek flags, “Sieg Heils!,” and Nazi salutes. Muh optics goys! Each and every person that steps foot in that park in support of the Nazi rally will in turn seal their own fate for political illegitimacy. The more, the merrier. Please, wear a red hat while you are at it.

The Alt-Right aren’t victims – they are growing and benefiting from the Trump administration and the police giving them free reign to organize and build. They aren’t interested in free speech and having dialog, they want to provoke and attack anyone that stands in their way. Those that have the bravery to stand up to such threats against both life and freedom aren’t people to be feared, but heroes to be praised who take risks to safeguard us all.

Across the country poor and working class people are waking up to the realities of the Trump regime. Already, the fastest falling base of support for Trump is white men without a college education – meaning that even white poor and working people are catching on to the fact what so many already know, that Trump serves the billionaires and CEOs in his administration, not us. That just like the Alt-Right, he has attempted to turn us against each other for the benefit of the rich and powerful. And as Trump’s administration crumbles and his minions face a grand jury, he turns towards the only base of support he has left: the Alt-Right.

Will we give up the streets to these monsters, or will we stand our ground?



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