Aug 8, 18

This Is America #23: ICE Captures Mapache, Medic’s View of Portland

Welcome, to This Is America, August 8th, 2018. In this episode, we caught up with an organizer at #OccupyICE in San Antonio... Read Full Article

Aug 3, 20

Chihuahua, MX: Revolt Demands Access to Water Allotted to US

English translation of a report from Difusión Comunista Anárquica about the recent uprising in defense of water in the Mexican state of... Read Full Article

Aug 1, 20

Prison Break: Come Together, Right Now

As this is being written, unidentified Federal agents are disappearing protesters off the streets of Portland, Oregon, police nationwide are doubling-down on... Read Full Article

Aug 6, 18

Who Needs Fascists When There Are Police?: Reflections on Portland

Report back and analysis from mass demonstrations against Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys on Saturday, August 4th in Berkeley. On August... Read Full Article