Apr 3, 19

Trouble #19: Quiet Storm

Sub.Media.Tv’s Trouble returns with an episode on the growth of robotics, AI, nanotechnology, and “smart” cities that is further becoming a tool... Read Full Article

May 26, 21

Brutal State Violence Against Students in Chiapas Inspires Widespread Protests

by Scott Campbell On Tuesday, May 18th, around 120 students from the Mactumactzá Rural Normal School blockaded the Chiapa de Corzo-San Cristóbal... Read Full Article

May 25, 21

In Contempt #5: The Ongoing Fight to Support the Rebels One Year After the Rebellion

photo: @ucftp Welcome to the fifth installment of In Contempt, your monthly roundup of counter-insurgency, repression news, and revolutionary abolitionism. In this... Read Full Article

Apr 1, 19

This Week in Fascism #3: The Fool Who Wears the Crown

Welcome, fellow anti-fascists! This is the third installment of The Week in Fascism, a weekly roundup of the latest and greatest happenings... Read Full Article