On August 21st, prisoners across the United States will begin a strike against prison slavery. This strike comes hot on the heels of the inspiring actions against ICE and massive anti-fascist mobilizations in the first weeks of August. Not only are all of these struggles connected, but our best chances of succeeding in any of them are to build momentum across these different moments and beyond.

Below is an incomplete list of resources, articles and materials on the 2016 prison strike, information about the 2018 prison strike, podcast interviews, and a list of solidarity events on the outside. This page will soon be updated with a time line of prisoner resistance as well as outside solidarity actions.

Be sure to also check Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, Prison Slavery, The Bay View, Shadowproof, Support Prisoner Resistance, and the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee for other updates.

2016 Prison Strike:

#August21 #PrisonStrike:

Podcast Recordings:

List of Solidarity Events:

August 20th:

Black Mountain, NC: Film Showing

August 21st


Seattle, WA: Kickoff Rally

Portland, OR: Day Of Action


Sacramento, CA: Letter Writing & Film Screening

San Jose, CA: Awareness March

Corona, CA: Noise Demo

Los Angeles, CA: Noise Demo

Phoenix, AZ: Noise Demo


Omaha, NB: Letter Writing

San Antonio, TX: Noise Demo


Asheville, NC: Strike Support Meetup

Black Mountain, NC: Film Showing

Atlanta, GA: Rally In Solidarity

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Noise Demo


Des Moines, IA: Noise Demo

Chicago, IL: Noise Demo

Columbus, OH: Letter Writing and Film Showing

Minneapolis, MN: Noise Demo


Philadelphia, PA: Noise Demo

Boston, MA: Vigil

Des Moines, IA: Noise Demo

Brooklyn, NY: Noise Demo


Leipzig, Germany: Rally

August 22nd

Durham, NC: Prison Strike Discussion

Milwaukee, WI: Prison Strike Solidarity

August 23rd

Boston, MA: Prison Strike Solidarity Rally

Chapel Hill, NC: Slavery Never Ended

Lansing, MI: Solidarity March

Cambridge, MA: Prison Strike Solidarity Rally

August 25th

Bay Area, CA: Mobilization at San Quentin

Bishopville, SC: Rally at Lee Correctional

Michigan City, IN: Protest Indiana State Prison

Tallahassee, FL: Solidarity Event

August 26th

Milwaukee, WI: Performance Art with Discussion

Oakland, CA: Film Screening & Panel Discussion

August 28th

Baltimore, MD: Teach-In, Letter Writing, & Fundraiser

San Jose, CA: Teach-In

August 31st

Omaha, NB: Letter Writing

September 1st

Pittsburgh, PA: Letter Writing

September 5th

Columbia, MI: Film showing and discussion.

September 7th

Seattle, WA: Protest Poetry & Open Mic

September 8th

Columbia, SC: Prison Reform Rally

September 9th

Seattle, WA: Letter Writing Night

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