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Sep 8, 16

#PrisonStrike Resistance to Slavery Across the World

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

This week, on the 45th Anniversary of the Attica Prison Uprising, prisoners across the US will go out on strike on September 9th against prison slavery while in North Dakota, the National Guard is being called in as a court decision approaches on the same day regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. In both cases, the State attempts to present itself as neutral; merely a third party mitigating between corporate bodies, local governments, and concerned groups of citizens. But in all cases, the State instead is an apparatus of domination and control that protects these systems of industrial neo-colonialism and slavery. It does this to ensure that both the class-rule that is inherent within this system is preserved and ensure the passivity of the poor and working population. How does it do this? Simply: through massive amounts of violence, surveillance, police, and above all, prisons. 

On September 9th, thousands of people on both sides of the prison walls are going to be taking to the streets, taking to town squares, and taking action, both as individuals and as collective groups. At the same time, there is a call for solidarity actions with the indigenous water protectors in North Dakota, and cities across the globe are currently mobilizing as the National Guard has already been sent in to conduct check points. Water protectors are calling for backup, as thousands have now created a living communal defense camp along the Missouri River. Meanwhile in Florida, hundreds of prisoners have already kicked things off with a round of riots, smashing the prison and taking over four dormitories. According to local news reports, 400 prisoners were involved in the uprising and guards from up to 5 other facilities were brought in to put down the revolt.

This resistance comes not from the Democratic Party nor the pro-capitalist labor unions that support it, the NGOs or non-profits which act as a wet blanket on revolt during every uprising, or the self-appointed activist leaders who seek to manage and contain social movements and struggles, but instead has built itself from ground up through endless and tireless hours of letter-writing nights, noise-demonstrations, community meetings and conferences, call-in campaigns, bloody riots, nights spend wheat-pasting and spray painting, and mass strikes.

Now, this force awakens. This grassroots and horizontal confederation of collectives, organizations, crews, individuals, and networks; organized for the purpose not of speaking truth to power, electing a politician, or creating a third party, but instead in breathing life into a movement aimed at the destruction of prisons, policing, white supremacy, and the capitalist State that protects their existence. This page will document this unfolding resistance and chronicle it as it happens. For a list of events across the United States for the #PrisonStrike, go here. For information about action in solidarity with #NoDAPL, go hereMask Magazine is also compiling information here.

Notice to corporate and mainstream media, you do not have permission to use or pull from our reports without permission. That includes taking our articles and re-writing them for your shitty ass blog.

To submit your actions and reports anonymously, go here. You can also email us at:

info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org 

How to Help the Strike

  1. Share these concrete tools with prison strikers and those taking action. Write to prisons, get involved.
  2. Make a donation to IWOC, subscribe to their newsletter, and buy a t-shirt from Free Alabama Movement.
  3. Cover the walls with graffiti and posters.
  4. Organize an action and send in a report to IGD
  5. Support those arrested taking action in solidarity with the strike.
  6. Expand the strike, deepen it, and make it grow.

Strike Breakdown and Basic Information

From Support Prison Resistance

At least 29 Prisons were Affected

These are places where either prisoners reported to outside supporters, or where the authorities locked the institutions down probably because of protests. We expect this number to rise dramatically as we gather reports from prisoners and keep calling prisons in the coming days and weeks.

More than 24,000 Prisoners missed Work

The facilities experiencing full shutdowns that we know about hold approximately 24,000 prisoners. There are probably thousands more who didn’t work that we don’t know about, yet. Many are still are not working today and intend to continue the strike until their demands are satisfied or the prisons break under the economic strain of operating without their slaves.

You can get up to date info and help IWOC research and improve their data by visiting this document here.

Massive Solidarity in the Streets

Meanwhile, more than 60 cities across the US and around the world lit up in solidarity with the prisoners. You can read and see pictures from some of the most exciting stories of protests on either side of the walls here.

Showing Support to Striking Prisoners

A group of people cannot hurt the American empire as much as this protest is without facing retaliation. There were about a dozen arrests across the US, and hundreds or thousands of punitive transfers inside the prisons. IWOC inreach is maintaining a list of perceived leaders who have been targeted and isolated for Sep 9 organizing. Please check out this list, write to these prisoners and let us know if there’s anyone missing here.

IWOC has also created a phone zap system to help people keep constant pressure on prison officials and deter them from harming the organizers. View that here.

Support Atlanta Comrades

On the outside, most of the arrests were minor citations, but three protesters in Atlanta are facing serious felony charges. You can contribute to their legal fund here.

We hope that our next weekly update will have more complete information. Please contact us if you’re able to help with research or support tasks to make that happen. Thank you.

Prisoner Resistance in the United States

September 6th

September 7th

A major disturbance occurred on Wednesday, September 7, involving several hundred inmates housed in multiple dorms. One inmate on inmate injury occurred during the incident. No staff were injured. Visitation was cancelled and lockdown continued through the weekend.

September 8th

September 9th

I would like you and supporters to know that there was a symbolic protest at Washington Correctional Center for Women in Gig Harbor on September 9. Three women refused to go to work in the prison library. The emergency response team was dispatched and the women were taken to Segregation. At their hearing last week, they were given 20 days in seg, and are facing reclassification and probably the loss of their jobs. In my opinion, this was a peaceful, non-violent expression of their opinions meant to draw attention to the issue of prison labor, and the response was much more disruptive than the event itself. The library has been closed since September 9. According to DOC, this was the only action in the entire state of Washington.

Officials said the riot involved several hundred inmates housed in multiple dorms.

  • Florida: Further “disturbances” at several prisons in the state including Mayo Correctional Institute. Corporate news report here. Another report wrote:

Florida’s prison system, the nation’s third-largest, will remain on high alert the rest of the weekend. Glady said the disruptions Friday ranged from a handful of inmates refusing to perform their work assignments to “major” revolts.

Florida Department of Corrections wrote:

Two dorms were involved in work stoppage and attempting to incite disturbances on September 9 and 10. The institution was placed on lockdown. No injuries to staff or inmates were reported. Visitation was cancelled and lockdown continued through the weekend.

Florida Department of Corrections wrote on Gulf Annex facility:

Following a major disturbance in multiple dorms on Friday, September 9, the institution was placed on lockdown. One inmate received minor injuries. No staff were injured. Visitation was cancelled and lockdown continued through the weekend.

  • Milton, FL: Inmates at Santa Rosa facility took part in strike. Corporate news article here.
  • Troy, VA: Women at Fluvanna prison participate in the strike.
  • North Carolina: Prisoners refuse work. Brief update here.
  • Nebraska: Prison staff assaulted by inmate. Report from the inside here.
  • Leavenworth, KS: Chelsea Manning announces hunger strike. More info here.
  • Jefferson City, MO: Prisoners launches hunger strike in concert with prison strike. More info here.
  • Chowchilla, CA: Work strikes and lockdown at Central California Women’s Prison. Brief report says:

A few women incarcerated people refused to work and because of the nationwide prison strike, and fear of an uprising, the prison was locked down stopping ALL slave labor!


1. We want free labor to be ended in South Carolina. We want to be fairly compensated for our labor. This can be done by reinstituting state pay for general labor, and labor wages for private industry jobs

2. SCDC stop removing mental health patients from treatment programs back to general population units for disciplinary infractions

3. SCDC allow lifers to advance through the classification system to lower custody prisons like all others. Particularly to minimum security prisons. We also demand they not be removed for one minor disciplinary infraction

4. The SC parole board decisions be more grounded in scientific analysis. Rather then emotions.

5. SCDC reinstitute GED educational classes for all that want to obtain a GED. This includes hiring GED instructors. We also demand meaningful re/habilitation programs be instituted for all that desire to help. This include more meaningful treatment and re entry programs that will accommodate the number of prisoners that are requesting such

6. SCDC end excessive canteen and visitation vendor machine prices

7. SCDC end the practice of in camera video doctor visits for medical and mental health concerns.

8. The State of SC end the truth in sentencing warehousing law and the habitual sentencing of life sentences

Published by SJ, Founder of Jailhouse Lawyers Speak

  • Taft, CA: Reports of partial strike by inmates.
  • St. Cloud, Minnesota: Full strike by inmates reported.
  • Wisconsin, Waupun Prison: More prisoners join the long standing hunger strike. More info here.

September 10th: 

One dorm was involved in a disturbance on Saturday, September 10, following a serious inmate on inmate assault. The institution was able to quickly address the situation and resume normal operations. In addition to the inmate injured in the assault, one inmate received minor injuries. No staff were injured.

On Friday September the 9th the men did not report for work. Everything seemed to be fine. The were fed a normal breakfast. When lunch time came the food service system was instructed to only give them a sandwich and 4 cookies and the same happened for dinner. The next morning about 400 of the men were on the yard in a peaceful march around the yard. The warden was called and he came out to address them to see what their demands were. They were able to tell him what they wanted like the policies that were being violated by the prison (visitation room seating) and also the pay of the prisoners. The warden promised to fix the things he could and said the other things he would have to take to legislation. The men thought they had come to a common agreement and begin to disperse.

To their surprise as soon as the warden went back in and shut the door the tactical team came storming in with guns, riffles, tear gas and shields. Anthony says they started grabbing the men that they believed to be instigators out the showers naked, and off their beds, out their cubes and zip tied their arms behind their back and threw them on the ground outside in the rain for 5-6 hours. He said the men were not allowed to use the restroom in that time frame and some even used it on themselves. Once they saw the armed ERT team coming in is when some of the men started to tear up  2 of the units because they were upset and afraid for their lives. They were being shot directly in the face with tear gas guns even if they looked out the door to see what was going on. Even after they shipped the guys out they destroyed their property, or let other guys eat their food.

  • Kincheloe, MI: Over a hundred prisoners, deemed to be the instigators of the earlier protest, are transferred to different facilities. This sparks a riot in which housing units were trashed and fires were set. Corporate news report here.
  • Merced, CA: Inmates across two jails are on hunger strike despite repression. From a supporter:

Merced County & John Latorraca Jails inmates participating in this Hunger Strike are on Administrative Lockdown. Yesterday block 1 of Merced County Jail had corrections officers lined up to shoot, they threatened to shoot and brought dogs in threatening to unleash them upondetainees. Inmates were pulled out of there cells by force and after searches placed back into their cells.

Tried to visit my daughter at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center this morning and was turned away. There was some unrest in her very crowded unit last night, multiple women sent to the SHU and atmosphere is quite tense.

September 12th

DAY #4 of National Prison Strike to Abolish slavery: It is confirmed that SCDC Broad RV Prison is on lockdown. Inside sources report prisoners are on strike in certain units. But cannot confirm if lockdown is due to strike. Prison officials searching for communication devices, because outside supporters are calling in concerned that prisoners are not being properly feed or showered during lockdown. Like other states, prison officials are keeping tight lids on lockdowns while shuffling striking prisoners around to other prisons. Broad River is a high security prison located in Columbia South Carolina.

Florida’s state prisons have resumed “normal” operations despite a disturbance Monday night at Columbia Correctional, the fifth inmate uprising in less than a week, officials said. About 40 inmates engaged in civil disobedience by refusing officers’ orders and taking control of at least one dorm Monday evening. Columbia — one of the state’s most violent prisons — remained on lockdown Tuesday.

Since Thursday, inmates have caused trouble at four other prisons, all in the state’s Panhandle, including Gulf Annex Correctional, Mayo Correctional and Jackson Correctional. The most serious melee was at Holmes Correctional, where 400 inmates destroyed several dorms on Thursday.

Inmates involved in any fracas have been moved to other prisons.
September 13th

September 14th

September 15th

FROM INSIDE SC– Abolish Prison Slavery: In South Carolina gulags, a new visitation policy was just announced, per memo from Deputy Director: 1. A window bar cut in a dorm, will result in no visitation for entire unit for that weekend 2. A guard assaulted or in an altercation with a prisoner, no visits for that unit for entire weekend.

Over the last several months, prisoners in SCDC have started to defend themselves from vicious attacks, physically or verbally by so call correctional staff. It has become so noticeable, that many guards are quitting. They refuse to work where prisoners will not be abused without responding. In return, now prisoners are being indirectly coerced into assisting abusive officers that end up in a tight spot. We have spoken to several leading figures in the SC penals that are instructing unity and non involvement with assisting officers. You want respect, you earn it. Those that are enslaved refuse to comply.

We demand ALL PRISONERS Human Rights be respected. In turn so will you be allowed to move amongst us without fear of being assaulted. It is important to note here, that the guards who are fair, never have much to worry about. We do not agree with their functions as guards, but we respect human fairness.

  • Another update reads:

Comrades up here having an inside meeting to critically analyze the Prison strike strong and weak positions. For many it didn’t go far enough. Crucial points of resolution are not addressed. Certain regions didn’t feel the love, so the fire didn’t burn where they were at. Strong points, it was time. Unity was found on the outside. More people are talking about prison issues. Inside prisoners found unity in certain units or prisons. We too are talking more. These are just samples of what we need to start discussions around, particularly the prisoners. Because this will tell us how to add this moment in the movement, to the collective of prison rebellions to strengthen it, and toss the weak points.

Big UPS to the Prisoners thats always refused to comply. I’m one. For over a decade I’ve been punish with little privileges do to my insistent stance not to work. So the prisons close us off from the working prisoners. So this shit been happening. Its good to see others joining. But its not enough. They’ll let the few of us lay. Hell they still banking. So to be truly effective, time to plan and prepare for the next phase.
Unity… DN, JLS [NC]

September 16th

Block 4 of the Merced County Jail has joined this #HungerStrike in solidarity with their people!!!! This is what tackling the criminalization of our people looks like!

Their loved one stated they were being placed on lockdown and the phone went dead. Message at 9:53 p.m. this evening. If you have any updates please send them our way!

Reporting from Inside. 7th Day of National Prison Strike to Abolish Slavery:

Many prisoners that were initially locked down in Secure Housing units are being released back to the mainlines, in some states. JLS is sure that the list is longer in regards to those that have received institutional charges for not working, or remain lockdown in their units.

No strike leaders or state leaders have given a formal announcement that the strike has ended where they are located. JLS striking members report to be placing more focus on educating (politicizing) the local prisoners on the 13th, and preparing (by coordinating inside/out) for the Historic Demonstration on Washington. The time is ripe for this next phase. Re educating the entire country and world on one platform to Abolish the 13th. We’re up against 151yrs of mass indoctrination. In the process its time to organize to hit Congress harder.
As prisoners continue the strike inside, our supporters outside must not lose focus. Those inside very lives may depend on it. Salute to the Freedom Movement (Free Us All)
Salute to the Resistance Movement
Salute to the street protesters
Salute to the strikers (known and unknown)
Salute to all that are with us!
We won’t stop,
We can’t stop!
JLS will continue to push hard until this system is dismantled!

September 17th

  • Holman Prison, AL: Free Alabama Movement issues press release calling for an end to the humanitarian crisis at the prison. They state through social media that many guards are not reproting to work and that much of the prison remains unguarded. In a press release they write:

A serious humanitarian crisis is developing at Holman prison as correctional officers continue to walk off of the job amid concerns about safety and apathy from Warden Terry Raybon and the office of ADOC Commissioner Jefferson S Dunn, as violence, including deadly stabbings and assaults continue to mount.

Several officers expressed dismay and fear after learning that two of their fellow officers, Officer Brian Ezell and another officer, reported to Warden Raybon that they had knives drawn on them and their lives threatened, and that neither Warden Raybon, nor Commissioners Jeff Dunn and Grantt Culliver would take any action to ensure their safety. Both of these officers then quit.

Several other officers have also quit in the past three weeks after witnessing a stabbing of a fellow officer in the temple and who had remained hospitalized with life threatening injuries until he was pronounced dead earlier today. This after a former warden, Carter Davenport, was stabbed in March amidst back to back riots and other violence at Holman.

Now, after seeing Warden Raybon release approximately 20 people from segregation on September 13, 2016, most of whom were all in segregation for violent incidents (only to see several stabbing take place, including one critically injured and another losing an eye), a total of eight more officers have either quit or turned in their two week notices. Officers are expressing concern that the Commissioners of the ADOC are intentionally exacerbating violence at the expense of human life in efforts to push forward their plan to extort the public for 1.5 billion to build new prisons in next years Legislative Session.

Officers have began to express support for the Non-Violent stance of FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT and their efforts to expose corruption, violence and other issues plaguing Holman and other Alabama prisons, and have went so far as to make repeated requests to Warden Raybon for the release of F.A.M. co-founder and organizer Kinetik Justice from solitary confinement, because officers now feel that he is being wrongfully detained and because he has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to conduct peaceful demonstrations at Holman prison to bring attention to issues within the ADOC and Holman prison.

We are asking that everyone call Commissioner Dunn and Warden Raybon and demand that they post daily reports of the staffing levels and incidents of violence taking place at Holman as a matter of public safety.

Warden Terry Raybon
Holman Correctional Facility
Commissioner Jefferson Dunn
Commissioner Grantt Culliver
334-353-3883 (switchboard operator)

Today, September 17, I visited the Alfred Hughes Unit in Gatesville, TX to visit a friend. While I was waiting for them to be brought to the visitation booth, a woman sitting next to me mentioned inmates at this unit being retaliated against. She was visiting a woman from Hobby, who had been transferred to the medical building at Hughes due to overpopulation. I asked if I could join the conversation and ask some questions. The incarcerated woman explained that she overheard on a guards radio that inmates in building 8 were striking. She later learned that these inmates had rigged their doors to open at the the same time for the nationwide strike. Guards in riot gear showed up and blasted tear gas and physically retrained and assaulted several inmates.

The visitor pointed out a latino family she overheard talking about the strike as well. I approached them and with their permission, got on the phone with their loved one who only wanted to talk briefly and didn’t have a lot of details to share, but did confirm that building 8 went on strike and were brutalized by guards as a result. Finally, my friend showed up for our visit. They also confirmed all of this information, including the use of pellet guns.. They also said that they overheard on a radio that 13 units were on lockdown. They said that a notice had been posted to all inmates that told them any information on the strike was forbidden and would be denied.

September 19th

  • Jailhouse Lawyers write:

Prisoners are moving into a fresh week of resistance. More and more news is seeping out the prisons. In South and North Karolinas, prison officials are ramping up shakedowns in search of phones and in some cases as collective punishment tactics. Discussions on next phase of prisoners resistance are being talked about throughout many prisons in the country. In the Karolinas we prisoners strategized on our next actions. Particular emphasis is placed connecting Nationally with prisoners in every state by way of letters, phones, social media, and visits. Constructive criticism was also approached as we analyzed results, to include prison officials response nationally. We ended our conference call in solidarity as the Karolinas.

One knowledgeable fact to be dispersed is the sheer number of prisoners in different states that said they would have participated if they had got the info. Prisoners are anxious to resist as a collective. Future calls to action should have this in mind. The enslaved are still restless. They are ready for the next page.

  • South Carolina: Actions continue. In one facility, close to 350 prisoners are participating in a work stoppage.

Solidarity and Resistance in the United States

See a list of earlier solidarity actions here.

September 7th

September 8th

  • Lexington, KY: Banner drop in solidarity with strike. Report here.
  • Hudson County, NJ: March against immigrant detention facility. Corporate news report here.
  • Atlanta, GA: Film screening to build for prison strike.


Atlanta, GA

September 9th

  • Seattle, WA: Graffiti spree leaves pro-strike and anti-police messages. Photos here.
  • Olympia, WA: March and noise demonstration. Report and photos here.
  • Portland, OR: Wheatpasted posters hit the town.


Portland, OR.

  • Albany, NY: “Fuck Your Prisons” and other solidarity graffiti found. Corporate news report here.
  • Eureka, CA: Demonstration held in solidarity with the strike. A submitted report read:

Humboldt Grassroots put out the call for a demonstration at the Eureka jail, in solidarity with the National Prisoners Work Strike on September 9th. About 20 people showed up to the demonstration, most of them Humboldt Grassroots people in Solidarity with the Prison Strike. Earlier that day and about 45 minutes north, there was a demonstration of over 250 Klamath Basin Tribal members and allies in solidarity with standing rock. Some Humboldt Grassroots folks were able to join that protest and spread the word about the strike.

  • San Leandro, CA: Banner drop in solidarity with strike. Photo here.
  • Santa Barbara, CA: Rally and demonstration. Photos here.
  • Sacramento, CA: Coffee Not Cops outreach event.
  • Merced, CA: Rally outside of county jail in support of the strike. Video here.
  • Oakland, CA: Coffee not Cops outreach event at the local downtown jail.
  • Oakland, CA: Graffiti messages on highway 580. Photos here.
  • Berkeley, CA: Banner dropped over highway 80 reads, “National Prison Strike Starts Today!”
  • Oakland, CA: McDonald’s vandalized in solidarity with the prison strike. Communique with more photos here.

Oakland, CA


Santa Ana, CA.

  • St Louis, MO: Graffiti painted for prison rebels.


St. Louis, MO.

  • New Oreleans: Noise demonstration. Report and photos here.
  • Wisconsin: Banner dropped in solidarity with the prison strike. Photo here.
  • Milwaukee, WI: Banner dropped I-43 reading, “National Convict Strike, Sep 9th.”
  • Providence, RI: Graffiti written in solidarity with the prison strike.


Providence, RI

  • Oakland, CA: BBQ and discussion held at Mosswood park. A participant says:

Prison Strike BBQ in park is held with 60 people attending, discussing strike and making banners for upcoming demo. Police patrol parking lot and attempt to intimidate park goers only to be laughed out of the park in light of recent scandals involving law enforcement trafficking in underage sex workers. The night ends with BBQ goers chanting “Black Lives Matter!” and “Free All Political Prisoners.” Several speakers discuss conference happening on the same day of formerly incarcerated people and their families and the connections between various struggles.


Denver, CO.

  • Durham, NC: Several banners are dropped during the day, promoting upcoming prison strike actions and the strike itself. Photos here and here.
  • Bellingham, WA: Banner dropped against prison slavery. Photo here.
  • Seattle, WA: Demonstration in solidarity with prison strike.
  • Tacoma, WA: Noise demonstration outside of immigrant detention facility. Photo here.
  • Elgin, IL: Anti-police banner dropped and stickers placed downtown in solidarity with the prison strike. Report and photos here.
  • Austin, TX: Rally outside Texas Correctional Industries. Photos here and report here.
  • Chicago, IL: March and noise demo at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility.



Chicago, IL.

Rally outside of ASPC Lewis near Buckeye, AZ

Buckeye, AZ. 


Los Angeles, CA


Lansing, MI.

  • Baltimore, MD: Rally in support of national prison strike. Photo here.
  • Eugene, OR: Noise demo outside local county jail. Report and photos here.
  • Worcester, MA: Rally in solidarity with the strike. Full report here.
  • Newark, NJ: Demonstration in solidarity with the prison strike. Photo here.
  • Asheville, CA: Banner dropped I-240 in the morning
  • Asheville, CA: Noise demo ends in 8 arrests. Report here.
  • Durham, NC: Noise demo at the Durham jail before blockading the 147 highway. Report back here.

About three hundred people assembled. Started with a teach in and then marched to various businesses that profit from prison labor. McDonald’s and the AT&T store were temporarily shut down. All vocal counter protesters were removed and one with a knife was disarmed. March ended with a noise demo at the jail. Everyone released during the noise demo was highly supportive and some even masked up and joined in seconds after coming out of those doors. Solidarity with all prisoners. Abolish slavery and prisons.


Portland, OR.

Philadelphia, PA

Last week we heard the love outside. No doubt we gave it back. They sent a few police up here and around on other wings to quiet the noise, but it was already said and done. We really appreciate the love. It’s always appreciated.

  • Pittsburgh, PA: March and noise demo outside the county jail. A nearby police memorial is vandalized along with the jail. Report back here.


Pittsburgh, PA

September 10th

  • Toledo, OH: Protest and demonstration outside of the McDonald’s.
  • Ohio: Aramark truck tagged in solidarity with prison strike. Photo here.
  • Chicago, IL: Graffiti painted in solidarity with the strike and against police. Photos here.
  • Tucson, AZ: Graffiti painted and posters wheatpasted. Photos here.
  • Tucson, AZ: Banners dropped in English and Spanish. Photo here.
  • Tucson, AZ: Rowdy street march at night, de-arrests made. Report and photos here.
  • Los Angeles, CA: Banner dropped against police.


Los Angeles, CA


Oakland, CA

  • Phoenix, AZ: Informational event on prison strike organized.
  • Minneapolis, MN: Rowdy noise demo shoots off fireworks outside youth jail before attacking downtown businesses. Report back with video here.


Minneapolis, MN


Bloomington, IN

September 11th

September 12th

  • Seattle, WA: DOC office vandalized with huge lettering reading “STRIKE” and windows broken out. Communique and photos here.
  • Philadelphia: UPS boxes vandalized in solidarity with the strike. Communique here.

September 13th

  • Philadelphia, PA: Prison strike graffiti. Photo here.
  • Athens, GA: Joint demonstration in solidarity with prison strike and resistance to Dakota Access Pipeline. Corporate news article here.

September 15th

  • Broomfield, CO: Anti-prison graffit reported.
  • Denver, CO: Banner drops and noise demonstrations continue. Report and photo here.

September 18th

  • Tucson, AZ: Blockade of road to block people going to correctional officers’ training academy. Report and photos here.


Tucson, AZ

Worldwide Solidarity and Resistance

We are willing to manifest our solidarity in every possible way with US prison inmates throughout the duration of their struggle. In this direction, we call every collective, every cell of Anarchist Black Cross internationally, but also whoever wishes to support in their own way, to coordinate our forces on an International Solidarity Day that will be a point of reference for the international solidarity movement to supporting this struggle and will provide an opportunity for further intensification of our actions in the coming period. We propose this day to be October 1st. We consider the prospects, stakes and legacies that this particular struggle in US prisons may create to be an open challenge for every fighter who wants to contribute to waging an internationalized and coordinated struggle inside and outside prisons against modern slavery and the economic dictatorship of multinationals. Solidarity and strength to the struggle of prisoners in US prisons! Struggle is the only prospect of living with dignity! Fire to the prisons!

  • Lithuania: Statement of solidarity:

We stand in unconditional solidarity with the demands and tactics of our comrades (both inside and out) who have joined arms to abolish the prison system and with it the tyranny of capital. Here in Lithuania we face the highest rates of incarceration in Europe. The world is a giant high-security prison. Impoverished by predatory markets and repressed by merciless states; we are left without choices. And so we enter this struggle with you. In solidarity, with care and love.

Power to the US prison strikers.

September 8th
  • Montreal, Canada: Letter of support from striking Quebec prisoners. Statement here.
  • Bristol, UK: Info-night and fundraiser. More info here.
September 9th
  • Horgoš, Serbia: Banner drop in support of prison strike. Communique:

In the northern plains of Serbia, at the gates of Europe, stands a fortress wall equipped with heat cameras, towers, attack dogs, concertina wire (the bastards), drones, police, military and racist militias. In the shadow of this wall are informal camps made up of people desiring to reach safer places but unable to do so. They must wait months for the Hungarian government to process their application at the border in “transit zones”. Here, applicants are held captive in shipping containers for up to 28 days, being occasionally questioned and otherwise unable to leave. The only interaction with the outside world consists of few acts of solidarity from people who are on the other side, also waiting for their chance to enter the containers. Those wishing to legally enter Europe must follow this procedure. For those who refuse this as their only option, they can turn to smugglers or find other ways through the fence. Once in Hungary, the fastest runner does not always succeed: pepper spray, dogs and man hunters leave few unscathed. In the face of all of this repression, self organization is still sprouting up in the most unexpected  manners, especially in informal camps.

A march from Belgrade, a hunger strike and a refusal to rely on the inadequate handouts of NGOs; the struggle against closed borders continues. The system that keeps people apart profits politically and economically from this exclusion but the will to move freely is stronger than their walls and cannot be stopped. The hypocrisy of the European border regime manifests itself in places where its rhetoric full of promises about a freer world is put to test with a reality where only certain sections of society can afford this freedom, especially those who possess documents or capital. This is a struggle against oppression and inequality that connects people regardless of nationality and status. We stand in solidarity with those striking against the profiteers of slave labor, against the European border regime, for a future without walls, without prisons!

Love and solidarity from Serbia!

Horgoš, Serbia

  • Brisbane, Australia: Solidarity action with US prisoners. More info here.
  • Melbourne, Australia: Info table with literature about US prisons and the prison strike, along with collected donations. Photo here.
  • Melbourne, Australia: Anarchist demonstration outside US Consulate. Report back with photos here.

Melbourne, Austrialia

Today on the 9th September of 2016 the Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation (SUF) of Sweden, Malmö went to the American embassy in Denmark, Copenhagen to show our solidarity with the strikers. We held a speech which we will publish in the comming week on our facebook page and gave away pamphlets.

An injury to one, is an injury to all!
Fire to the prisons!


Malmö, Sweden.


Athens, Greece.


Barcelona, Spain.

September 10th

  • Athens, Greece: Statement from anarchist prisoners in Korydallos Block D in solidarity with US strikers. Statement here.
  • Athens, Greece: Banner hung in Athens by ABC Solidarity Cell. Photo here.
  • Athens, Greece: Prison profiteer McDonald’s blockaded. Photos here.
  • Montreal, Canada: Banners dropped in solidarity with striking prisoners.


Montreal, Canada

September 11th

September 14th

  • Paris, FR: Graffiti in solidarity with prison strike. Photo here.
  • Bristol, UK: Prison workers cars attacked in solidarity with prison strike. Communique here.

September 15th

  • Athens, GR: Banner dropped in solidarity with prison strike. Photo here.

September 17th

  • Athens GR: Solidarity demonstration outside of Starbucks in solidarity with the strike. Banners are held and flyers are given out. Banners also dropped. Photos here.
  • Kingston, CD: From a report:

We took over the road at Collins Bay Institution, intercepted cars entering during visiting hours and targeted visitors with this flyer:


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