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Dec 14, 16

Resources For Countering Identity Evropa and the ‘Alt-Right’

Originally published to It’s Going Down

In the last few months, Identity Evropa has shown itself to be a growing threat across the US, as it attempts to build up cadres and supporting members on college campuses while making connections with college and student Republican groups. While much has been written about Identity Evropa, including both its leader Nathan Damigo and it’s membership, which also includes members in upper-class fraternities and links to high paid lawyers, there has been little generated in terms of outreach materials to combat IE.

While in the future we hope to write more on the Alt-Right, here are some basic resources that you can put at your disposal to do more than simply tear down stickers and posters of statues.



Against Identity Evropa, Against the Alt-Right (PDF Booklet)


Campus Safety Alert! Neo-Nazi Propaganda Off-Campus! (Info PDF Flyer – From NoCARA)





Poster and Sticker Designs (Mock Poster/Sticker Series PDF)

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