Dec 17, 18

What We Know About the Neo-Nazi Attack in Lynnwood, WA

Report originally published on Puget Sound Anarchists about what is known about the recent neo-Nazi attack in the Pacific Northwest. As anarchists... Read Full Article

Dec 28, 20

Over 40 Units At Port of Tacoma Travelodge Occupied to Provide Emergency Housing

Tacoma Housing Now reports on an ongoing housing occupation that so far has housed over 40 people for over 4 days at... Read Full Article

Dec 26, 20

Washington Prosecutors Refuse to Charge Far-Right Shooter in Attack on Black Antifascist

CrimethInc. looks at the current situation in Olympia, Washington, where over the course of two weeks, far-Right Trump supporters have shot and... Read Full Article

Dec 13, 18

TIA #46: Oakland Wildcat Strike, Hurricane Victims Evicted

Cover Photo from Knoxville Radical Alliance Welcome, to This Is America, December 13th, 2018. In this episode, we speak with a teacher... Read Full Article